Triple Song Music Rolls
The selections on my first roll are:
Mary Lou, International;
Put Away A Ray Of Golden Sunshine For A Rainy Day, US;
Watching My Dreams Go By, Atlas.

In Mark J Labancz's own words:
All 3 had been favorites of mine for a long time and they weren't in very good shape when I got them. So I thought why not have them copied onto 1 long one - that way I could do work around the house, relax on the sofa with a beer, etc. without having to change the music so often (both my players have electric pumps as well as pedals). I had a dozen copies made and will be selling them for $25 each. The Word Sheet is included! At this point, I don't have my own web site or home page. Thanks.


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You can send payments directly to Paragon at this address:
Mark J Labancz
2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, #1852-C
Philadelphia, PA
Home phone is 215-765-8859, work is 215-977-3650

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