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Player-Care Technical Series
Notes That Don't 'Turn Off'

Hi Gaylan,

(Actually, the notes that are "draw down" are reacting. The 
problem is that they won't STOP reacting as they should.)

In all cases, when notes activate by themselves you can be 
certain there are either air leaks in the system or something 
is shrinking. In your case, the problem is most likely associated 
with 'shrinking', which I will explain more fully in a moment. 
However, before you can truly understand why the notes are 
activating by themselves, you need to learn how they are suppose 
to operate under normal circumstances. To help people learn the 
basic principle of operation used in all player pianos, please read:


If the problem is constant all year long

During the Winter, the pouches in most player pianos shrink a 
small amount. Also, it's not unusual for the wood to shrink a 
small amount. 

If the pouches shrink enough, they act as though they are 
being triggered by perforations on the music roll and they 
push up (or out) on their associated note valve/s and cause 
the note/s to 'play'. 

If the wood shrinks enough, air will leak into the 
system somewhere between the trackerbar and 
the pouches. If this happens, the pouches inflate as 
though they are being activated by perforations in 
the music roll. 

At 09:59 PM 1/11/04, you wrote:
John,  thank you in advance for taking a moment to acknowledge my inquiry.
I have a Lakeside upright player piano that our tuner told us was built in approximately 1918.  Twelve of the eighty-eight keys draw down as soon as we begin to operate the foot bellows.  I enjoy doing many types of repairs myself.  I have removed the player from the piano as to be able to work on it.  Upon visual inspection, I do not see any difference in the small bellows that draw down from those that remain in their positions ready to react when they are supposed to.
I will appreciate if you could give a brief explanation of what might be the cause and how the repair would be done.
I live in Aberdeen, South Dakota and will be happy to purchase repair parts from you.
My email is gaylanlang@netscape.net
Thanks again,
Gaylan Lang

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John A Tuttle

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