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This is a little-known story about me. When I went on my first
job interview in 1972, the owner of the piano store said that
if I could fix the four new player pianos on the showroom floor
that he would hire me. Two of them were Aeolian players. I asked
him if he had any manuals or references. He said they were in the
filing cabinet, but no one could understand them. I read them
quickly and started working on the pianos. Forty-five minutes
later I went back into his office and all four units were playing.
I was hired on the spot! I had never seen a modern player before
that day, but that's when I started collecting references and

I am constantly on the search for original manuals, and will pay
any price to get them. Then they are professionally scanned at
a resolution of 600 dpi. Next, I examine them for flaws and 
correct them pixel by pixel if necessary.
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