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From: (Paul Eggert) To: "Mechanical Music Digest" Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 21:17:20 -0700 Subject: Strange Piano Roll Term: "Full Compass" I recently acquired an 88-note roll with snakebite-like expression on the right margin that raises two questions. The brand name seems to be "Accentist" on the roll label and box label. Does anyone know anything about that brand? It may be Canadian. The inside of the box and the roll leader mention "Imperial Linenized," apparently a reference to the linen roll leader. The note on the inside of the box states "To avoid confusion when ordering 'Imperial Linenized' music rolls, please mention the name and compass of your roller." The box states that "This box contains 'Imperial Linenized' Full Compass [underlined] Music Roll." What does the term "compass" mean, when referring to a piano roll, and what does "Full Compass" mean? Paul Eggert Fountain Hills, AZ
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