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Locating the Correct Technical Manual begins Here!! We have divided the original Makers web page into 26 other pages to make it more 'mobile friendly'. Start by selecting the Letter of the alphabet that corresponds with the first letter in the name of your piano. If the name is preceeded by initials or a first name, ignore the initials and/or the first name. Example: If the name is "Geo. B. Norris", look under "N" for "Norris, Geo. B."

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1065 Player Piano Makes & Makers
(Updated October 15, 2021)

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When you click on one of the above letters, you will see the names of the piano companies. Each number that's next to a name represents a different Player Piano Action. Clicking on the number will take you to a 'Systems' page which may have a short description of that action along with pictures or drawings (if available). Compare what is described in the page against the player action in your piano. Every 'Systems' page has a link to the applicable Service Manual or Technical Reprint, if one is available.

In many cases, companies used different player actions in different models and/or at different times during the heyday of the player piano. If you have tried all of the selections that are offered here, and you still can't find a match, I'd like to know. The completeness and accuracy of this listing depends in part on you. As new information becomes known, the list is immediately updated. If it's not in this list, please write to: John A Tuttle

For historical information about a piano company, please visit the Blue Book of Pianos website. For another source of historical information, visit the Howe Collection, Piano Series webpage. An online listings of piano serial numbers/ages can be seen at "Bluebook of Pianos".

Disclaimer: This listing is only as accurate as the information that has been provided by numerous sources. It is not possible to verify all of the information. However, if you are positive that something in the listing is in error, please bring it to my attention and it will be corrected.

About 60 percent of the information presented on this web page and the accompanying web pages is only here because of the generosity of Durrell Armstrong, the deceased owner of the Player Piano Co. in Wichita, KS., whose 1983 catalog contained a similar listing. Numerous additions courtesy of David Oppenheim. Do not duplicate or otherwise use this information for professional or business purposes without the express permission of John A. Tuttle (732) 840-8787.

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