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" LOVE: For Nothin'! "

"Love: For Nothing" was composed in Key West, FL around 1971. It was a beautiful day. I had spent the previous night with an older woman I'd met at a bar outside of town. I had had way too much to drink, and she took me home, undressed me, bed me......

Here are the only words that I ever wrote down:

Does any-body know the truth? Who do they think they are?
Runnin' down each day without a thought.

I very seldom see you smile...heh! except about 'yourself'.
Giving only when you'll get some back.

But your love is yours for nothing.
Just to know that you are you.
And your love will last forever.
Oh-oh.... oh-oh.

Click Here to listen to the MP3 File (one verse)

Ready to PLAY: This MIDI file is called: 'Love: For Nothing!!' and it has been graciously presented to Player-Care for use on this webpage by me.

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Created October 8, 2000 by John A. Tuttle. You need permission..blah, blah..
(designed specifically for 800 X 600 display - Maximized!!)

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