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Pouch Leakage Tests

A bleed cup and six unsealed pouches were tested. The "bubble rate" (which will make more sense after you've seen the video and the picture below) for each of the tested elements is as follows: Bleed - 49/2 sec., Pouch 1 - 27/2 sec., Pouch 2 - 20/2 sec., Pouch 3 - 20/2 sec., Pouch 4 - 28/2 sec., Pouch 5 - 27/2 sec., Pouch 6 - 23/2 sec. (Conclusion/Opinion -see below)

Here are the results of the Pouch Leakage Tests

YouTube video located at: https://youtu.be/VHYOo4bV4xM

Click on image to see full size picture

To listen to the Audio file -Click here
Each segment of the audio file is 2 seconds in length

In my opinion, the logical conclusion that can be reached is that the average 'leakage rate' of the six pouches is 1/2 of the 'leakage rate' of the bleed cup. And, since the responsive capability of any pouch is (all other factors being the same) the comparative difference between the amount of atmospheric air coming into the pouch well minus the amount of air being sucked out of that well by the bleed cup, it seems only reasonable to conjecture that additional leakage of air into the well via the pouch itself will diminish the responsive capability of the pouch. It should also be noted that an increase in the amount of air leakage via the pouch will decrease the amount of power that the pouch has to push the valve off of its intake seat and onto its exhaust seat.

The question of whether or not the application of a pouch sealant will improve or diminish the responsive capability of a pouch has yet to be determined. It also remains to be seen if the addition of a sealant will increase or decrease the power that the pouch has to change the state of the valve. This is because it seems only logical that if the pouch becomes stiffer, as a result of the sealant, some of its power, to move the valve, will be lost. All that said, one has to wonder to what degree the benefits gained by sealing the pouch are counteracted by the added weight and/or the increased stiffness caused by the sealant..... Testing continues!

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