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Here's What's New!!
Player-Care says Good-Bye to QRS

Well, here it is December 21, 2012.... The day life on earth was predicted to experience a radical change. Hmmmm... Things seem pretty normal to me....

However, things in these United States 'are' changing at an alarming rate as our government continues to grow unchecked and large corporations are selling off their most valuable assets to the Chinese -who basically own our country. Even within my small circle of friends, I'm watching as folks are being forced, by their economic realities, to make do with less. I believe that the days of 'making a better life for our children' are gone. They (the children) are going to have to get accustom to lower wages, more taxes, and less control over their own destiny. The phrase 'struggling to make ends meet' is becoming more and more common, and more and more people are turning to the government for assistance as the government lowers the requirements for that assistance.

What's encouraging is the fact that more and more people are finally beginning to realize that the 'moral' direction our country has been heading for the last few decades isn't working out so well. In fact, it is increasing evident that it has been a complete failure which could reasonably take decades to reverse. Why? Because it all starts with one generation of children, and builds out from that point. Unfortunately, it takes at least three generations before meaningful change is recognizable in society. That's because those who end up being in a position of power (to make changes) have to be that 'first' generation. By the time that happens, approximately 40-50 years have passed.

I refer to this 'shift' as the 'moral pendulum'. Throughout history, it has been swinging from one extreme to the other as society seeks to find a 'happy medium' that's 'good for everyone'. Sadly, or more accurately 'rightly so', society (mankind) will never get it right. That's because there is a 'higher power' (Our Lord, Jesus Christ) who has already explained in great detail (in The Bible) precisely how we are suppose to live our lives, and what He teaches is diametrically opposed to the 'ways of man'. So, until we all come to the understanding that He is our Savior and the only hope for mankind, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that we've been making for the past 2000+ years. What's even more sad is the fact that about 85% of all Americans have a copy of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) in their home, but only about 2% of them actually read it on a daily basis and attempt to live by what it teaches. What to know how this story ends? Read Revelations.


John A Tuttle

- - - - - - - - - - end post - - - - - - - - - - - -

On December 1, 2011, QRS dealt the death blow to all non-stocking dealers, which includes Player-Care. Without any warning, Tom Dolan, the CEO at QRS, decided to reduce the dealer discount to a measly 10%. So, I called QRS and closed my dealer account. Most likely, over the coming months I will start selling used rolls and what little remaining stock I have of new QRS rolls, many of which are no longer available from QRS.

You should know me well enough by now that I don't pull punches and I shoot straight from the hip. Fact is, the handwriting has been on the wall for months and no one wants to talk about it seriously. So, here it is. Expect the price of everything that involves shipping to up in price. If you've been paying attention, you already know about these increases. But here's the really bad news. The value of the dollar is plummeting on the world market, and that too is going to cause price increases across the board.

Who is ultimately responsible? Two groups of people. The US Government and American citizens. In other words, we have no one to blame but ourselves. I won't get into all the details because there isn't enough time. Besides, it wouldn't make a difference anyhow. The wheels have already turned too far, and hard times are just around the corner. I give it a year at the most before the US goes into a major depression that the Department of the Treasury will not be able to deal with by lowering lending rates.

Those of us in the services industry will be the first to feel the pinch, but it will trickle down to every American before things start improving. In the meantime, we'll learn how to live with less. I firmly believe that the government is going to put a cap on the amount of credit Americans will be able to get. And, it will be based on your real tangible assets and not your apparent ability to pay a long term debt. The government knows too well that anyone who works for a company is expendable. Americans will once again start working with their hands and getting dirty in the process. Small businesses will spring up everywhere to do repair work instead of continuing our 'if it's broke, replace it' mentality.

Can we do anything to prevent all this from happening? I think not. Why? Very few people actually believe it will happen. The government is currently going out of its way to reassure Americans that the economy is strong. But, I deal with real people everyday, and they tell me a completely different story. And, who are you going to believe? The government...? I think not! What you can do is start preparing now. As best as you can, buy goods that are made in America. At least that way you'll be able to get repair parts when the item breaks, and finding a repairman won't be all that difficult. Next, buy quality goods while you can still afford them. Think 'long term'. Lastly, push the government to open up the land that has all the shale oil. The further we get from dependence on foreign oil and consumer goods, the better off we'll be.


John A Tuttle

- - - - - - - - - - end post - - - - - - - - - - - -

(03-06-07)It's very hard to believe that it's been over a year since I wrote in this journal. I should be ashamed of myself... tisk, tisk!

It's actually old news that QRS raised their prices in November, 2006. And, we finally received a small supply of the 2006-2007 paper roll catalogs. I won't go into all the details, but the transition to the new prices was a major problem for QRS. It took months to get things mostly ironed out, but I'm still finding occasional mistakes.

I started having problems with my back in April, 2006, and had to stop making service calls in early June, 2006. I didn't get back to road work until mid-January, 2007.


John A Tuttle

- - - - - - - - - - end post - - - - - - - - - - - -

(10-06-04) About 1-1/2 months ago QRS quietly joined forces with Amazon to improve their bottomline, and Amazon, with it's multi-million dollar advertising budget, now sells everything that QRS produces. However, there are a few things people should know about this new venture that are of no benefit to the consumer or the many dealers who have helped keep QRS alive for the past 30+ years.

First, Amazon is a "non-stocking" dealer. In other words, they do not stock QRS products. Everything Amazon sells gets drop-shipped from QRS to the customer. However, since such an operation is quite costly, QRS was forced to reduce the dealer discount rate from 40% to just 10% for all goods that get drop-shipped directly to the consumer by non-stocking dealers. This means that such dealers are forced to operate on a 10% profit margin, become a stocking dealer, or find some creative way to maintain their 40% dealer discount. (If anyone knows how anything BUT a multi-million dollar company can survive on a 10% profit margin, I'm all ears.)

Secondly, since Amazon has similar contractual agreements with companies in every state in the union, they are required by law to collect state sales taxes. Those who are aware of the law know that Internet web sites are only required to collect state sales taxes if the items being sold are purchased by a customer who resides in the state where the dealer does business. In other words, a web site based in Tennessee is not required to collect state sales taxes if they sell a product to a customer in New York. And, since QRS now has a contractual agreement with Amazon, they too are now required to collect state sales taxes on every sale they process. Prior to the agreement, they were only required to collect sales taxes from residents living in states where they had offices or factories, i.e., Nevada, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. To the consumer in all but the above listed states, this equates to higher prices.

Thirdly, accessing the listings of available music rolls at both Amazon and QRS is virtually impossible. In their efforts to offer 'shopping cart' type sales that don't involve human beings, the only way find out if a particular song is available is to either use the Search Feature or slog through hundreds of web pages which each list about 30 rolls. For the consumer, this can mean a frustrating and time consuming hunt which likely ends up coming to a dead end. Furthermore, the database at both Amazon and QRS do not reflect the rolls and roll sets that are actually available. Here again, the consumer ends up on the short end of the stick because they cannot locate special money-saving specials that are offered by QRS in their roll catalog.

Fourth, getting a current music roll catalog is no easy feat. The most recent one QRS has available at the web site is the 2000-2005 catalog. I never was able to find a catalog at Amazon. So here again, the customer is left to search aimlessly for specific titles or slog through the alphabetical listing page by page.....

All of this says two things about QRS. One, they could care less about the dealers who have worked collective lifetimes building a client/customer database of people who buy music rolls. Two, they would rather that the small dealers just dry up and blow away. Fact is, they must really hate having to give stocking dealers a 40% discount, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if that changes to a lower rate in the near future. So unconcerned about music rolls is QRS that they aren't putting out a new roll catalog for the second year in a row. Instead they are putting out an 8-page supplement to the 2002-2003 catalog. And here's a kick; They don't offer the 2004 Supplement at the web site. So again the consumer misses out on specials and package deals that are only listed in the supplement.

Naturally, a customer could search the Internet for a phone number, give QRS a call, and request the paper catalog. But here again, there seems to be no effort on the part of QRS to promote the one item that kept the company alive for a century. In my humble opinion, that's pretty narrow-minded thinking. Naturally, the powers that be don't see it that way. Heaven forbid.... They're going for the big bucks to fill their stock holders pockets by investing in digital technology. That's all fine and good until the next wave of technology comes down the pike.... And then where will QRS stock holders find themselves? Stuck with millions in antiquated technology???

What ever happen to the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?


John A Tuttle

- - - - - - - - - - end post - - - - - - - - - - - -

(08-14-04) I'll try to be brief. As of August 14, 2004, the discount rate on all QRS Music Rolls will go from 20% to 15%. Also, the cost of shipping and the delivery times will increase. This change is taking place due to policy changes at QRS over which I have no control. As best as I can figure at this time, the cost of shipping will go up about 40% and the delivery time will increase to approximately 10-14 days. The only good news is that I am still not required by law to charge State Sales Tax (except in New Jersey) and the total cost you will pay for QRS music rolls will still be less than every other major online retailer. As more information becomes available, I will post it here. Don't be surprised if things at the site seem a bit confusing over the next ten days. I have to make hundreds of changes to around a 150 web pages. Thank you for your patience and for making Player-Care the #1 Non-Stocking QRS Music Rolls on the Internet. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.


John A Tuttle

- - - - - - - - - - end post - - - - - - - - - - - -

(03-01-04) Although Player-Care has numerous web pages that can be considered technical, I recently decided to try to bring some of them together under the heading of "Tips & Tricks". As you will find, most of these new pages were stimulated by an email that I received from someone who was having difficulty with a particular part of a player mechanism. What you will also find is that these pages contain information that you will not find in any book or publication.

What initially stimulated me to begin this project was the realization that most novice rebuilders and owners don't necessarily have the time, the patience, or the tools to do a professional job. Like the majority of my regular customers here in New Jersey, all they really want is to "Keep The Music Rolling". A common comment that I hear is, "We just want it to work. It doesn't have to be perfect." So, with that in mind, I set about the task of helping people achieve that goal.

While some in the industry might find fault with a few of the 'techniques' I recommend, I hope they will see that what I suggest in these pages will not make the mechanism any harder to properly restore at some later date. Having been in the position of having to undo the work of a previous rebuilder or owner who didn't have an eye on the future, I'm keenly aware of the things that "should not be done", and I hope this is evident to the professional community.

Lastly, if you, as a novice or professional, have any problems or ideas that you wish to share with me, I will do my best to either answer your question or include creative information/techniques in these new pages. I look forward to hearing for you.


John A. Tuttle

10-01-03 First, let me apologize for not keeping up with the "What's New" web page. And, please believe me when I tell you that I'm not looking for any sympathy. The fact is that Pandora became ill in October 2002 and subsequently passed away in early February 2003. It's taken me some time to get back into the swing of things, but I feel I'm close to fully recovered. Now, let's get on with this month's posting.

Recently, I received a thoughtful letter from a customer, which included the following paragraph:

"Perhaps it would be a nice addition to the web site if there was a "preview your order" and a "modify your order" button, But I am not a computer whiz so excuse my ignorance if the suggestion is ridiculous... Thanks again for your great service."

I responded as follows

No, that's not a ridiculous suggestion, and thank you for the nice compliment... However, the reason I don't have those features is, I believe, one which you will appreciate.

All "Shopping Cart" programs require that the customers person data, including their credit card information, be left on a server. Servers, all servers, are susceptible to being hacked. Therefore, your data is not 100% safe. Even the fanciest private and government systems have been hacked. You've heard about it in the news from time to time.

My system, though relatively unsophisticated, actually offers the highest level of security possible. Why? Because NONE of the customers data is left on a server. It is downloaded into an 'offline' computer that is impervious to attack. Therefore, your data is 100% safe. And that's why I go further than 99.99% of all businesses and offer a $25.00 'inconvenience bonus' in addition to the $50.00 fee (as per the Fair Credit Billing Act) that I must pay to you if the unauthorized use of your card results from a purchase made through my site.

I also have a very strict Privacy Policy and 'Spam' Policy. In a nut shell, none of your data will ever be used for any reason other than to fill your order. And in no case will that data include your credit card information.

Further, it occasionally happens that a customer will change their mind after placing their initial order. In such cases, making any necessary change is easy. Just resubmit the order or send me an email. Since my system is not 'automated', no unnecessary credit card charges are ever processed until everything is personally verified by both of us. This effectively eliminates all possibilities of a Charge-Back resulting from some human error. In turn, that keeps operating costs to a minimum, allowing me to offer such things as a liberal return policy and hundreds of pages of free information about player pianos.

Lastly, I have battled with myself about the profitability of a shopping cart system, with its inherent weaknesses, against the system I have in place. (It's a fact that my system requires more 'human' manhours to run.) However, I strongly believe that the safety and security of my customers data is more important than the increased monetary gain that I would realize by having a computer handle the ordering process.


John A. Tuttle

09-02-2005 For a Limited Time, I will be offering excellent copies of the original Ted Baxter and Max Kortlander arrangement of QRS-186, "Ching-Chong". Originally produced in 1917, twenty-two copies of this lively Jazz arrangement, complete with the controversial lyrics printed on the roll, are now available for sale. To read the lyrics or to purchase this provocative music roll - click here.

This roll was produced by Tim Baxter, the owner of Meliora Rolls, who recently purchased a program and equipment which allows him to put the lyrics on a music roll. The rolls were cut by the Tonnelson's in Texas, then Tim put the lyrics on the roll and boxed and labeled them, using the original QRS label from 1917. These rolls are instant collector's items which are available for $20.00 plus $8.95 S/H.

Personally, this is my all-time favorite player piano music roll. I love the music and, being about San Francisco, I feel a closeness to the story because I was raised just seven miles from where this story took place, and I visited Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf many times as a youth.


John A. Tuttle

(08-18-02) I'm pleased to announce that Craig Brougher has started writing technical articles that will only appear at Player-Care. For an in depth look into why Craig has made this decision, please read my web page about "Censorship at the Mechanical Music Digest" - (click here).

Unlike other technical articles that are at Player-Care, I have added something special to the new pages that Craig will be writing. At the bottom of every page there is a Comments Form. It's kind of an experiment, but I think readers will enjoy having the ability to submit their personal comments directly to Mr. Brougher. The form is very simple, but the reader is required to identify themselves and include their e-mail address so that Craig can respond if he so chooses.

To start enjoying these fine technical articles right now, simply click here.


John A. Tuttle

(04-01-02) Every so often something happens in this business that I don't like to report. However, the best way to handle any unpleasant situation is head-on. So, here's the bad news. As of April 29, 2002, QRS changed the way they charge non-stocking dealers for drop-shipping music rolls from the factory in Buffalo, NY. As a consequence, shipping costs are going way up. No longer will there be any "flat rates" for shipping. Shipping will be charged on an order by order basis.

The way things will be handled is fairly straightforward. The shipping cost is now figured by the weight of the rolls and their final destination. The amount that will be charged will be determined using the Rate Table at UPS. In order to use the rate finder you will need the following information; The rolls are sent from the factory in Buffalo, NY, 14213. Drop-off/Pickup method is 'Daily'. Packaging is 'Your Packaging'. Regular rolls are rated at 3/4 of a pound each. Extended rolls are rated at 1.25 pounds each. Naturally, you will have to input your city and Zip Code.

Once all of the information is input and you press the Calculate button, a list of rates will be returned. The shipping method that QRS uses is "UPS Ground", which is at the bottom of the list. In addition to that amount, QRS now charges non-stocking dealers a $4.25 packing fee. So, the final charge for shipping will be the UPS Ground charge plus $4.25.

Having checked all of this out pretty carefully, I'm still positive that buying rolls through Player-Care is still at least 10% less expensive than buying rolls through QRS. Our standard 20% discount rate easily covers the additional cost of shipping.

(03-18-02)Every so often something new comes along that seems to me like it will help improve the experience of visiting Player-Care.com. Maintaining the continuity of such a large web domain is a constant challenge. Web pages must be linked to each other in such a way that the visitor doesn't get lost or confused. While this a rarely a problem for the seasoned surfer, newbies often write to me before they have spent ten minutes at the site. Judging by the things they ask me, it's my impression that they are not able to find what they were looking for in a timely fashion. So, a change was indicated, and I went looking for a new Navigation Utility (NAVBAR) that had the power and flexibility to handle such a large domain.

What I found was a award-winning javascript that was released as Freeware by JavaScripts.com about a week ago. The javascript was written by an ingenious fellow by the name of Evgeny Novikov (java@aladin.ru). Although the script only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) and Netscape 6.0 (or higher), it was easy for me to see that the script offered yet another efficient way for visitors to find basic information very quickly. Also, since both web browsers are 100% free, I decided to give it a try. I'm pleased to say that the script is working very well, and hundreds of visitors are using the new NAVBAR every day.

As time will allow, I plan to increase the scope (or depth) of the utility to include as many as 100 more webpages. I'll also be installing the NAVBAR on every web page, starting with the ones that are currently the most popular. However, please be patient. It takes quite a while to modify over 400 web pages.....

In closing, if there is a particular page that you feel should be available in the NAVBAR, I hope you will write to me at John A Tuttle. My aim is to make Player-Care very easy to use and lots of fun to visit. My goal is to satisfy every one of your player piano related 'wants' and 'needs'. So drop me a line.

(03-05-02) I'm pleased to report that of the 5,014 links at Player-Care, only seven remain broken and I hope to eradicate them very soon. Of the 623 URL's that make up Player-Care, only 498 were checked, and upon very close examination it was found that only one webpage contained an invalid URL. That error was one of my typos.... ;-)

To you, the visitor, this means that as long as you stay within the Player-Care Domain, you will hardly ever run into a situation where the link you click on leads to nowhere! However, no one is perfect, and as I've readily admitted before, I do make typos from time to time. There are over 371,000 words 'inside' Player-Care. Each one was typed by 'yours truly', and I do apologize for creating pages that sometimes never get checked for 100% accuracy. If, on the other hand, you use one of the links that leads away from Player-Care, I really can't guarantee that you will end up where you think you are going.

Websites, webpages, and other files on the Internet change from day to day just like the people who put them there in the first place. When you have installed some 1600+ links to other places on the net, it's reasonable to assume that some of them are no longer there. Keeping up with outbound links requires special programs, and even they are not accurate 100% of the time. Things like server downtime, broken connections, and over-crowded lines, all come into play when checking outbound links. It can take days if done manually.

So, while it might sound as if I'm trying to make excuses for any performance problems that you may experience while here, my main reason for writing is to let you know that there are a few minor problems at the site. If you encounter one, I would be grateful if you would let me know where you were at the time. You don't even need to tell me the exact URL (address). I know most of the pages pretty well, and a simple explanation of the type of information that was on the page is usually enough to guide me to the problem. I've tried to place an email link to my primary email address on every page at the site. So please don't hesitate to write.

Thank you,

John A. Tuttle

P.S. I forgot to mention that Player-Care has now been the World's #1 Non-Stocking QRS Music Rolls Dealer for two years, and sales are still on the rise. Thank you all for helping me achieve one of my many goals in life! As a non-stocking dealer, all of my orders are sent directly to the main office at QRS as soon as they are processed here. Then the orders are sent directly to the factory to be filled and sent on their way to the customer. This method of doing business insures the least number of back-ordered items since no other business concern on the planet has more of a selection of new QRS rolls than QRS. They pride themselves in having virtually every title in the catalog at any point in time. Even during the holiday season. (Click Here to return to the Home Page)

(01-17-02) After thirty years in the trade I can say without any hesitation that it is impossible to quote numbers that have any realistic accuracy when it comes to the value of any player piano which I have neither seen nor heard. The fact is, the value of a player piano is directly related to its current condition.

People often send me pictures of a player piano and ask me to place a value on the instrument based on that picture. Worse yet, they will simply tell me that the unit is in "excellent condition", "working condition", or "recently restored" and expect me to quote them a value. What most people fail to recognize is that subjective terms mean different things to different people. So, as a tool for determining the real value of any unit they are basically irrelevant.

Furthermore, since I am not involved in the buying or selling of used player pianos, I have very little firsthand knowledge of the current state of the resale market. Therefore, at the risk of sounding redundant, I'll say this again, "Please don't ask me about the value of your player piano unless you are willing to pay me to evaluate the unit in person".

Musically, John

(11-01) For most of October and on into November, the requests for information about repairing and operating players pianos continue to flow in at an increasing rate. While I'm flattered that people are writing, I'd like to remind all our visitors that I've already created webpages about almost every aspect of the circa 1920's player piano. Whether you're a 'newbie' or an 'old salt', the Search Feature works extremely well. So give it a try before you write me an email... please!

(10-01) Americans know 'What's New'. This month's message is short and to the point. We will not be terrorized again. Now we are stronger and smarter! No one will soon forget September 11, 2001. Let's get to work.

(09-01) It's almost hard to believe that it's been a year since the "Player Piano Makers and The Systems they Installed" webpage was installed. Hundreds of people have effectively used the page to determine which player system is in their instrument and, as a result, the sale of technical materials increased significantly.

Right now I'm testing new plastic valve blocks that are identical in size to the original Aeolian blocks used in all of the modern Aeolian players. Since Aeolian went out of business in the mid-eighties, these blocks have been getting harder and harder to find, and they are no longer available at any of the piano supply houses. This will change in the very near future when the first run of 5000 blocks is completed. The new blocks are better than the original blocks in two important areas. Most importantly, the new blocks are designed to be "repairable". Unlike the original blocks, the adhesive used to seal the plastic pieces together will not get 'rock-hard'. This change makes it possible to take the block apart with relative ease, giving the technician access to all of the internal parts. Secondly, the sponge-silicon material used to make the valve facing is more stable and more air-tight than the old sponge-neoprene used by Aeolian. Also, the valve stem has a unique design that allows the valve facing to be removed without damaging the stem.

The new valve blocks will be available from at least two well-known suppliers, and I'll be providing that information as soon as I am at liberty to do so. Also, I may be selling the blocks here at Player-Care.

(08-01) After being prompted by Robbie Rhodes, editor of the Mechanical Music Digest, I started a new webpage about the Lauter-Humana player piano. It's a rather unique player and there isn't hardly any information available about the player mechanism. Having owned eight Lauter-Humana players, I've accumulated a fair amount of useful information, so I put it all together and posted the page at:

I'm considering starting another project later this week. A number of people have asked that I send out some sort of a newsletter on a periodic basis. They would like to be informed about sales, new products, etc. So, I'm going to give it a try. Personally, I have mixed feelings about sending 'unsolicited' emails, but they seem to be relatively common these days, and it's an easy way to keep people up-to-date about what's happening at the website. If you have an opinion about such newsletters, please let me know.

(07-01) I've been pretty busy writing articles for the Mechanical Music Digest (MMD). Since last month's newsletter, I've written 15 articles.... Wow, that even surprises me. I'll have to update my "Articles" webpage... ;-)

My latest undertaking involves the QRS Test Roll. Due primarily to a thread in the MMD, I decided to write up a webpage on how to use the Test Roll. The name of the new page is: "Using the Standard QRS Test Roll" - Click Here. The page covers every aspect of the Test Roll and how the roll can be used very effectively to test and check seven major operating characteristics of the player mechanism.

Well, time to get back to work. Hope you're enjoying your Summer.

(06-01) Okay, let's get right to it. A few people have asked about the "Pop-Up" window. It's not a permanent fixture. However, if it is causing your browser any problem, I would very much like to know what's happening. Please write me from here - (click). If you happen to follow the link to Brougher Restorations, there's a couple of new pictures of a Coinola 2 that he recently completed on the See/Hear Examples page.

With Summer now officially upon us, it's time to start having some fun! Recent sales figures indicate that more and more people are working on their own player pianos, and that ultimately translates into stronger roll sales this coming Holiday Season. I'm still trying to figure out how to automate roll sales without spending thousands of dollars, so the existing system will remain in place for awhile longer. While more involved than some people like, it is much more personal than any e-commerce system that I've ever used, and it affords the user the opportunity to change their mind even days later. That's something I've never seen anywhere else on the Internet.

Moving on, I just uploaded some new pictures and the revised webpage about "My Latest Projects". There you will find six pictures of the Wurlitzer Style 1 Coin-Op player piano that, amoung many other things, got a new pin block. By far the most aggressive rebuilding project of my career, Charles, as he is lovingly known, is now back at his home in Port Washington, NY. (Doesn't everyone name their player piano?)

(05/01)It was just Ten Months ago that the 'Player Piano Makers and the Player Systems They Installed' webpage was installed at Player-Care. Since that time I've been keeping an eye on the Site Statistics to see how many people are visiting the page. Almost immediately, it's popularity rose into the Top 100 from it's starting point at 545, and has it's popularity continued to rise steadily. This past January, the 'Makers' page hit No.1 and it has stayed at that position month after month. In total, more than 10,000 people have now accessed the webpage.

No one is more delighted than me to find that the many hours of work that went into creating the nearly 60 webpages was totally worth the effort. Although this might sound self-serving, the fact that people can now do some basic research concerning the player system in their instrument on their own, the number of people asking me that question has decreased significantly. This gives me more time to work on new projects and do maintenance on the existing pages. All of which adds up to a more useful, smoother running domain. With the number of Player Piano Related websites now numbering into the hundreds, it's gratifying to know that Player-Care is still the most visited website about these marvelous mechanical music makers.

(03/01) Now that Spring is here it's time to start those 'outside projects' that were put off over the Winter months. I've had to pleasure of helping a number of people tackle the rebuilding of their player pianos over the past couple of months, and I look forward to getting out in the fresh air to do some yard maintenance. Last week I put the finishing touches on some new webpages for Craig Brougher's website. He was surprised to find that he'd written nearly 500 articles for the Mechanical Music Digest. You can see the listing by - clicking here!

(02/01) Color me very happy! According to AOL, MSN and Lycos, Player-Care is currently the most popular website that's related to "player pianos". It's nice to know that companies like these still rely on their customers and visitors input with regards to the returns given when doing a web search. Such is not the case at one of the oldest indexes. They now return a list of only those websites who have paid them money. (Sign of the times?... I hope not.)
It also came to my attention that I have written more than 500 articles for the Mechanical Music Digest. See the list of articles - click here!

(12/00) The first of George Bogatko's new player piano rolls arrived yesterday, and the rest are on their way. They should arrive before the first of the year, but the delivery services have been quite slow this Holiday Season, so I'm not holding my breath. I did install the Order Form and I am accepting orders as of today. Also, the Order Form has a few links to Sample RealAudio files that are located at our sister site, player-care.com. It's really a shame that these rolls weren't readily available before Christmas because they are great arrangements that would have livened-up any holiday gathering. Check them out - Click Here!

Talk about your busy years.... This was Player-Care's biggest year ever. Total sales were up a whopping 72% over 1999's sales figures. With an average of 450 visitors daily, Player-Care became the most visited website in the world that deals almost exclusively with your interest in Player Pianos. This upsurge in popularity can only be attributed to an increasing desire of the general public to see player pianos survive for the next 100 years.

(11/00) Well, the web page about Lead Tubing is complete. (To read the article "Lead Poisoning - From a Player Piano?" - Click Here)

As always, if you need information about a Player Piano, I'm here to help you. I do answer every E-mail within 24 hours. And if you don't get a response it's because I never received your request, so please try again. As you may already know, NO server (ISP) guarantees the delivery of E-mail, and being an electronic medium, things do get lost due to viruses, system failures, electrical outages and program glitches. Here again, if your need is urgent, you can always call me at (732) 840-8787 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone), Seven Days a Week. If you get the Answering Machine, please leave a detailed message including the best time for me to call you. There is a 15 time minute limit, so take your time and speak slowly and clearly.


John A. Tuttle

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