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Kimball Valve Seats

For the first time since the 1920's era Kimball player system ceased being manufactured, replacement valve seats are now available. These are the 'screw-in' type seats that were originally molded out of Bakelite or some other type of early 'plastic-type' material. The replacement seats were made by two different private companies. The seats without the cross bar were machined from Delrin. The seats with the cross bar were printed with a 3-D printer.

Kimball Seat with Cross-Bar

Original Seat from three views

3-D Printed Seat from three views

Lapping the valve seat
NOTE: In the video, I call the part a valve facing. But, it's actually a valve seat!

The reason I made the video is because the new valve seats with the cross bar are being sold "as is". They must be lapped before they can be used. If you want me to lap them for you, the additional cost is $1.50 per seat. Sold 'as is', the cost is $6.25 per seat. FYI, I also had a few of these made by Shapeways, and they charged me $6.46 per piece plus $10.40 shipping. I only had 200 of these parts printed. To place an order for this part, click here and type 'Kimball Seat w/ Bar' in the Item box.

Kimball Seat without Cross-Bar

Delrin Seat from three views

The Delrin seats could not be printed because of the shape of the area where the valve facing seats. Notice that the surface is rounded. And, while a 3-D printer can print the rounded shape, the area was rough like it is in the video. That being the case, a 3-D printed version of this seat would likewise have to be lapped, which would make the area where the facing seats 'flat' instead of 'rounded'. This was deemed unacceptable and explains why the part was machined instead of printed. The cost for this part is $10.00. I only had 50 of these producted. Also, the man who made them said it was unlikely that he would do the job again. To place an order for this part, click here and type 'Kimball Seat w/o Bar' in the Item box.

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