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For the first time, The Ampico Long Play "Jumbo" Series of Rolls are being released ACCURATELY, as the manufacturer intended. Since these rolls were usually composed of single issue rolls, just strung together, there was no thought as to the different pull rates used on each roll. Our perforator is capable of doing the exact "mixing & matching" of mechanical pull rates on the same roll just like Aeolian American did. Thereby retaining the exact, and perfect alignment, of the note field to the expression coding. Plus the fact that we edit out all of the flaws and missed punch rows, these rolls are far better than even the original factory issues!

All Jumbo Rolls Are $39.00 each. All will play on your Model "B" Ampico Grand with the Larger sized Drawer. A few select rolls will also play on the "earlier" Pianos. These Rolls are so marked. When ordering specify your style of piano "A" or "B" AMPICO

100205A Day in Venice (Nevin) Artist: Milton Suskind -WILL PLAY ON A OR B
1. Dawn; 2. The Gondoliers; 3. Ventian Love Song; 4. Good Night
100225Popular Ballades Artists: Fairchild, Perkins, Carroll, Arden
l.Sunshine of Your Smile;2. A Kiss Before the Dawn; 3. Ramona; 4.Chiquita
100635Fox Trot Medley No. 4 from 1930
Just a Little Closer-Carroll; 2. Little White Lies -Arden; 3. So Beats My Heart For You -Victor Lane; 4. Bye Bye Blues -Arden & Carroll
100665Fox Trot Medley NO. 5 from December 1930
1. Confessin' That I Love You Lane; 2. Can This Be Love; 3. Embraceable You -Ohman; 4. Betty Co-Ed -Arden & Ohman
100675Fox Trot Medley No. 6 From January 1931 -WILL PLAY ON AN A OR B
1. I'm Yours; 2. Maybe It's Love; 3. Got Rhythm -Arden & Carroll
100685Fox Trot Medley No. 7 from February 1931
1. Beyond the Blue Horizon -Milne; 2. Little Things in Life -Arden; 3. Baby's Birthday Party -Carroll; 4. Cheerful Little Earful -Arden
100695Fox Trot Medley No. 8 from March 1931
1. Something to Remember You By- Chase;2. Blue Again-Carroll; 3. The Peanut Vendor-Arden & Carroll ;4. You're the One I Care For-Arden
100705Fox Trot Medley No. 9 from April 1931
1. My Love For You -Arden; 2. Fall in Love With Me -Carroll; 3. I've Got Five Dollars -Arden; 4. Where Have You Been? -Carroll
100715Fox Trot medley No. 10 from May 1931
1. When Your Lover Has Gone -Arden & Carroll; 2. You Said It -Carroll; 3. The King's Horses -Arden & Carroll; 4. Yours And Mine -Milne
100725Fox Trot Medley No. 11 from June 1931
1. Walkin' My Baby Back Home -Milne; 2. I'm Happy When You're Happy -Milne; 3. When I Take My Sugar to Tea -Arden; 4. Oh Donna Clara -Arden & Carroll
100815An American In Paris (Gershwin)
Orchestral Tone Poem -Milne & Leith
100825Dance Music Program No. 1
1. Shuffle Off to Buffalo -Arden; 2. Falling Star -Edgeworth; 3.1 Can't Remember -Lawnhurst; 4. You're Mine,You -Farquhar;5. Pretending You Care -Carroll
100845Dance Music Program No. 3
1. Lazybones -Rickenbach; 2. Butterflies in the Ram -Mime; 3. Reflections in the Water -Ohman; 4. Morning, Noon, and Night -Arden; 5. Trouble in Paradise -Farqhuar
100855Dance Music Program No. 4
1. The Last Round Up -Ohman; 2. Don't Blame Me -Milne; 3. It Isn't Fair -Farquhar; 4. My Moonlight Madonna -Carroll; 5. Love Is the Sweetest Thing -Arden
100885Dance Music Program No. 7
1. Alice in Wonderland -Arden & Carroll; 2. Song of Surrender -Carroll; 3. The Old Spinning Wheel -Arden; 4. One Minute to One -Arden
100895Dance Music Program No.8 (Not in the Obenchain Book)
1.I Raised My Hat; 2. This Little Piggie -Carroll; 3. Moon About Town; 4.Suddenly; 5.1 Like the Likes of You -Arden; 6.Carioca -Arden & Ohman
100995Dance Music Program No. 13
1. Two Cigarettes in the Dark -Arden; 2. What Can You Say in a Love Song; 3. You're a Builder Upper -Carroll; 4.I Saw Stars -Victor Lane; 5. Dust on the Moon -Lavarro & Gomez
101015Dance Music Program No. 15
1. I'll Follow My Secret Heart -Carroll; 2. Stars Fell on Alabama -Arden; 3. Were You Foolin'? -Lane; 4. Stay as Sweet as You Are -Shipman; 5. If I Had a Million Dollars -Arden & Carroll
101065Dance Music Program No 20
1. Would There be Love? -Arden; 2. I'm Misunderstood -Shipman; 3. She's a Latin From Manhattan; 4. About a Quarter to Nine -Lane; 5. Life is a Song -Arden & Carroll

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