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Jonah Bunny and the Great Fish

by David Jameson

There was once a great rabbit named Jonah Bunny. Jonah Bunny was a very good rabbit and he loved the words of the Lord. One day, Jonah Bunny was hopping down the road and "suddenly", the Lord spoke to him. The Lord said, "Jonah!... Jonah Bunny!... Go to Nineveh. Announce my judgement against it for I have seen how wicked its people are." But Jonah Bunny replied,... "Aw, I'dunno 'bout "that", Lord... Y'know,... those folks are really no-good. I think you "ought" to zap 'em... Anything else, Lord?" But the Lord said,.. "I can't talk you into it,... Right, Jonah Bunny?"... And,... Jonah Bunny said,... "You've got it, Lord. Have a nice day."

So Jonah Bunny hopped on down the road, but he stopped for a moment and said, "Y'know? The Lord didn't sound too happy. I'd better hop over to another country 'till he can find,... someone-who-cares,... T'isn't ME?!?,... Huh!" So,... Jonah Bunny hopped on down to the seashore and boarded a ship. As the ship sailed off over the horizon, suddenly a great storm arose. The ship swayed and pitched. The men were frightened. They screamed,... "Lord! What have we done to you? Please save us from this terrible storm! Have mercy upon us." Jonah Bunny spoke up and said,... "It's not you he wants. He wants ME! Cast me into the sea and you'll all be saved." The Captain walked over to Jonah Bunny and said,... "Sounds like a good idea to me, rabbit." So,... they took Jonah Bunny and cast him into the sea. Suddenly,... the seas calmed and the skys began to clear. The men praised the Lord for spairing them.

At that moment, a Great Fish, the Lord had created just-for Jonah Bunny, gulped him and dove to the bottom of the sea. The Captain looked in horror and said,..."He must have done something just-awful to get "that"." As we dive deep to the bottom of the sea,... we see the Great Fish resting on the bottom. As we look into the belly of the Great Fish,... we see,... Jonah Bunny. Jonah Bunny says,... "Aw, why didn't I just go to Nineveh and preach to the people. They might of listened. Now, I'm 'gonna die as fish bait. How terrible my fate is."

Suddenly,... The Lord spoke and said,... "Jonah,... Jonah Bunny... Can I talk you into it now?" Jonah Bunny said,... "Oh-yes, Lord. Anything you want. Please get me out of this." The Lord said,... "Are you sure, Jonah Bunny?... The Lord is still looking for,... someone-who-cares." Jonah Bunny said,... "Oh, but "I" care! Please forgive me, Lord. "I" care!" The Lord said,... "Your words have touched my heart, Jonah Bunny."

The Lord spoke to the Great Fish and said,... "Go to the shore and release Jonah Bunny." But, the Great Fish said,... "Aw, I 'dunno 'bout "that", Lord. The flavor of dusty bunny is mmmmmmm good. Anything else?" But the Lord said,... "Y'know,... they still barbecue fish,... in these parts." Suddenly, the Great Fish turned white with fear and raced quickly to the shore and released Jonah Bunny.

The Lord spoke out and said,... "Must EVERYONE be a CLOWN? Will anyone say,... "How fast would you like me to serve you, Lord?"

On the shore, we see Jonah Bunny. Jonah Bunny says,... "How awful. I smell like a fish. Well,... I'd better hop over to Nineveh and try to preach to those people." As Jonah Bunny was getting ready for his trip, his brothers saw him and raced quickly to him. One brother said,... "We thought you were dead in the sea. We're sure glad to see you alive." His other brother said,... "Yeah. We were getting ready to divide up your possessions with each other... Welcome back."

Jonah Bunny said,... "We're going to Nineveh and turn them away from their wicked ways, so sayth the Lord. But Jonah's brother said,... "Aw, I 'dunno 'bout "that." Those folks are bad stuff." Jonah Bunny looked into his brothers eyes and said,... "Get a life." So Jonah Bunny and his brothers went to Nineveh and preached to the people to turn from their wicked ways or the Lord is going to destroy them. The people DID listen and they DID turn from their wicked ways. The Lord was happy, the people were happy,... and,... Jonah Bunny was happy for he did as the Lord told him to.

Afterwords,... Jonah Bunny and his brothers were leaving Nineveh towards their home. Jonah Bunny said,... "Boy. I wasn't sure if those folks could have cared less,... but,... they did and they turned from their wicked ways back to the Lord." Jonah Bunny's brother said,... "Y'know?... That was a tough act to follow. I'm exausted and hungry. Say... There's a fried fish place just up the road. 'Wanna go there, Jonah? But,...Jonah Bunny said,... "Y'know,... I've sort of lost my taste for fish. How 'bout Kentucky Fried? OK with you?" Jonah Bunny's brother said,... "That sounds good to us. Let's go."

Moral of this story? "When the Lord tells you to do something, don't just say,... "Go find someone who cares." It may just end up,... being "you".

Created 10-20-2004

By David R. Jameson (Deceased)

109 N.E. Alpine

Plainview, Texas 79072

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