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John Church Co.
Player Action Pix and Patents

As of January 20, 2014, we are just beginning to collect data about the above named player action. All we have at this point are some pictures of the action and six patents. The pictures were contributed by Randy Suva. The player action is in a Harvard Piano which was made in Cincinnati, OH. The exact year of manufacture is unknown at this time.

A few things about this action are fairly obvious. One, it has a split stack and some form of expression control. Two, it has what appears to be a tracking feature that moves both the music roll and the take-up spool back and forth across a stationary trackerbar. Marks on the trackerbar would seem to indicate that this feature can also be used to transpose the music up or down three notes. There are 88 note holes.

Just below is the listing of the six patents issued to the John Church Co., with a short explanation. Click on the Patent Number to view the PDF file. Once the file is opened, you may save it to your computer, or print a copy for yourself. When you're finished, simply close the window (or tab) to return to this page.

US1066632.pdf -Player Piano System: Patented July 8, 1913
US1068509.pdf -Valves and Windchest: Patented July 29, 1913
US1106822.pdf -Arrangement of Stack Pneumatics: Patented August 11, 1914
US1131390.pdf -Transposing Device: Patented March 9, 1915
US1131471.pdf -Pushbutton Control Valve: Patented March 9, 1015
US1166609.pdf -Double-Force Action Design: Patented January 4, 1916

Below are thumbnails of pictures we have so far. Click on the image to see the full sized picture.
Then close the window (or tab), when you're finished viewing the picture, to return to this page.

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Other than the information presented on this page, there is
No technical information available for this player action.

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