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Shut off is accomplished with the first few flips of the end tab on the music roll. This mechanically releases the switch. The push button will reset it and start playing again. There is nothing in contact with the roll as it plays.

The tongue is extra long so that it may fit any situation, but if it needs to be shortened, this is done, while holding the tongue at the point you want to break it off, with a pair of pliers. Fold the metal back and forth several times until it breaks. A felt dot is provided to fold over the ragged edge. The optimum location to mount the switch on the top board of the spool box (see Fig 1), with the holes drilled through the top board (3/8" for push button and 1/2" for tongue). If the spool box does not have a top board, one can be made and placed to span to the sides. The board needs to be at least 3-1/4" wide (because the two holes for the tongue and the push button are 2-5/8" between centers) and between 1/4" and 1/2" thick (3/8" is the ideal thickness). Alternate location for switch placement is shown in Fig 3.

INSTALLATION: Mark the center of the top board. This may be done by holding a pencil through the eyelet of the end tab with the music roll in place. Mark the position for the hole for the tongue to come through on the underside of the top board. From this point, place a center line mark and mark the center of the push button hole 2-5/8" from that point and drill a 3/8" hole. Insert the grommets on the underside. From the top side lay the #652 switch in position. Hold firmly and operate the push button to make sure it is not binding. Then insert the two wood screws (#6 x 1-1/2"). While still holding switch body firmly against top board, tap the wood screw so that the thread gets a bite in the wood and then use a screwdriver to turn the screws the rest of the way in.

WIRING: An extension wire with a plug on one end is provided which goes between the pigtail on the #652 switch and the #650 suction box (See Note 1). [Note: If you have another type of suction box you will need to rewire it such that the #652 switch replaces the existing On-Off switch. This then becomes the On-Off switch and the old switch can be blocked 'On' so it won't be accidentally turned 'Off' (See Note 2), or discarded.] The #652 switch has a 'pigtail' with the mating plug for the extension wire. Feed the extension wire up from the suction box to the switch, avoiding any linkages along the way. Plastic clips are provided to hold this extension wire on its way from the suction box. Note that these plastic clips may be modified to accept the electric wire without removing the screw (see Fig 2). This makes later removal of the wire from the top board much easier. Also note that it is not advisable to 'droop' the wire from the side of the piano to the spoolbox. Rather, lay it across the deckboard and secure it in place.

NOTE 1: This extension wire has already been properly connected inside the vacuum pump box.
NOTE 2: This can be accomplished by placing a screw in the path of the toggle switch which prevents it from being turned 'Off'. However, this step is not 'required'. In fact, since the only way to stop the Play or Reroll cycles would be to stick your hand into the upper half of the spoolbox and push 'in' on the tongue, having a 'master' On-Off was considered so desirable that the 'On-Off' switch on the controller in now an integral part of the kit.

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