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All of our new 88-Note Recordings are the only accurate 88-note rolls Available today. We use manufacturer's original pull rate perforator advance formulas to insure perfect alignment of notes thereby retaining all built in syncopation of the performance. These too are WORD ROLLS except for a few spectacular instrumental novelty numbers.

HISTOGRAPHIC 88-Note re-Creations
5672(Paramount) Never Swat a Fly (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson)11.00
Great WORD ROLL from 1930 fantastic arrangement.
191(Atlas) Elsie Shulz-en-heim11.00
1926 novelty song WORD ROLL.
41778(US) Immigration Rose (West, McHugh) -Artist: Horace Prell11.00
Interesting WORD ROLL about an arriving Immigrant girl.
95148(International) How Can I Hi De Hi When I feel so Low De Low11.00
5782(Paramount) Hello Gorgeous11.00
Snappy 1932 song.
20219(Gulbransen) Even Little Baby Anna Plays the Regestring Piano -Artist: Jack Wehrlen11.00
Every collector should own this roll.
29918(Republic) Spanking The Baby -Artist: Delcamp & Carroll11.00
A Vodvillian Fox Trot ! ! ! ! !
3698(Atlas) Outside -Artist: Mabel Cowan11.00
3 key changes and spectacular syncopation makes this one of the best 88 note rolls EVER !!!!!!
75108(Republic) Jackie (One Step) played by the composer J. Milton Delcamp11.00
101018(QRS) Trinidad Carnival 192211.00
Early Island rhythms on a piano roll.
03128(Paramount) Holiday11.00
Wonderful 1936 Modern Tone Poem four hand arrangement.

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