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Fixing New Defective Music Rolls

As standard operating procedure, QRS now requires that I
make some attempt to help solve roll related problems
before requesting a replacement roll.

About one in a 1000 rolls has some type of defect. Most of
the defects (over 75%) occur during the spooling process,
which happens so fast that's it's humanly impossible to
detect the defect.

Typically, the paper will get wrinkled -or folded over on
itself. This causes the roll to track improperly. Fixing
the problem is as ease as ironing a shirt. Gently pull the
wrinkle out and then iron it with a clothes iron set to
medium heat.

The second most common problem deals with the right spool
flange. Occasionally, it gets stapled on a little crooked.
This pushes the paper to the left a slight amount, and the
end result is that the roll does not track properly. It's
easy to see when the flange is mounted crooked, and fixing
the problem is as simple as forcing the flange to a position
such that it turns around without wobbling. This problem
affects about 15% of all defective rolls. And, remember to
"knock the roll" after the flange has been reset.

Third comes "knocking the roll", or forcing all the paper
to the right side flange before putting the roll in the
machine. This procedure is explained in the top of every
QRS roll box.

Detecting roll paper that has been cut (or sliced) incorrectly
is also very easy. Simply remove the left flange, knock the
roll, and look of any unevenness in the paper -which should
be perfectly flat.

Lastly, about 1 in 10,000 rolls is cut off-center. There is
no way to repair such a roll. And, when there is such a
problem, it effects the entire batch of rolls. That's because
multiple copies are cut at the same time (13-20 per run). QRS
is usually aware of such defects shortly after examining the
first returned roll, and they then pull all the rolls from
that run off the shelf and use them as packing paper. (And
you wondered where all that packing paper came from... :-)

So, I ask that some attempt be made to resolve the problem
on your end if at all possible. Naturally, when it comes to
overseas orders and problems that cannot be resolved, QRS
(and I) now refund the purchase price of the roll. (The
cost of shipping now prohibits sending one replacement roll.)
Or, the customer is given a credit on their account, which
can be used against a subsequent purchase.

(From a personal perspective, one of the reasons that I'm not
quick to collect the monies for the cost of shipping is
directly related to problems with rolls. So, I can credit
the customer's account and then use the credit against the
cost of shipping....)

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