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Player Piano
Absolute Don'ts
And the Do's
In twenty-seven years, a person can collect vast amounts of information and never know the truth about lots of things. Since I'm no exception, here are some of the truths I've learned:

1) Don't lubricate the Air-Motor with Oil! Use powdered graphite.
2) Any foreign substance applied to a bellows will stiffen that bellow. Replace them when you can afford it.
3) Increasing the amount of vacuum, to overcome leakage, will hasten the longevity of the entire unit. Find the leakage!
4) Lubricating solenoids with oil or silicon-based lubricants will cause extensive damage. Investigate the source of the sluggishness first!
5) Using oil to lubricate the transmission can easily contaminate the felt or wood lined friction brakes, increasing drag to the point where the Tempo is no longer accurate. Use bearing grease or vaseline!
6) Don't try to move the Take-Up Spool while the unit is in the Play mode. You could damage the drive gears, the ladder chain, and the air motor. The Take-Up Spool should be turned only when the unit is in the Rewind (or ReRoll) mode.
7) Don't use metal hose clamps on the vacuum supply hoses. Most of the manufacturers made the supply flanges and fittings out of relatively tin pot metal or a cardboard material which will collapse under the pressure of a hose clamp. If the hose doesn't fit snuggly on the fitting, replace the hose!!
8) Don't apply full vacuum from a Shop Vac to the stack (or windchest). The vacuum level is about three times greater than the stack was designed to handle, and you might due severe damage to the valves.
9) Never blow compressed air (like from an air compressor) into the small note holes in the trackerbar. Doing so will most certainly 'pop' the very thin (0.008"-0.011") leather membranes (the pouches) at the other end (the pouch wells). Instead, use a trackerbar pump to clean out the paper dust and debris from the holes.
10) Never force the Play/Rewind lever into the Play position. If it doesn't move all the way to the PLay position, move the Take-up Spool slightly in either direction and try it again.

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