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Design Ideas Predicated Upon Technical Simplicity

The idea, premise and name "DIPUTS" was born in 1975 in Lakehurst, NJ in the minds of John Tuttle and Jim Brown at the Calibration Lab. Jim and John where enjoying a friendly game of giant chess during their lunch break. (Jim had made a chess set with 10 inch to 18 inch pieces and they played on the checkerboard tile floor in the lab.) John left the lab and started John Tuttle Self-Playing Pianos in Brick, NJ, where he lives today. Jim stayed in the Navy and the two lost touch. Both of them informally agreed to never use the name "DIPUTS" except to promote the idea of Keeping things Simple.

DIPUTS now attempts to promote the principle that the less complex something is, the better and longer it will work. The phrase, "Design Ideas Predicated Upon Technical Simplicity", was mutually agreed on by both John and Jim.

DIPUTS is "STUPID" spelled backwards and all things marked as having been created by DIPUTS are done so with the KISS premise.."Keep It Simple Stupid".. firmly in mind.

DIPUTS has never actually sold anything, been registered as a business or filed any papers to that effect. Although fictitious in reality, it is none the less real in principle and remains the highest priority for all the creations of John Tuttle. John has invented such items as "Adjustopin", "Kernels", "Weedless", "Kick-Mo", and "Clever Cleaner". Unfortunately, he has yet to find a manufacturer who is willing to produce or market any of these unique yet simple devices. He hopes to someday have the means to market some of his inventions.

John is also the creator of the web domain Player-Care.com and a few other websites and is the self-appointed CEO of DIPUTS. Simply known as 'The Owner'. (kiss)

As of 12-31-98, John has started a new Awards Program. If you have a website that embodies the DIPUTS and KISS principles, write to John at: John A Tuttle and you will be listed & linked on this page. You will also be allowed to display this handsome DIPUTS Award

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This page was designed with DIPUTS
"Design Ideas Predicated Upon Technical Simplicity"

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