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New Original Ragtime

(piano music by Craig Weiss)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the newest contributor to the Player-Care Domain. His name is Craig Weiss. A bit of his life history, in his own words, follows this brief introduction. I expect that Craig will go on to write more Ragtime music, as it seems to be his passion. Perhaps someday we'll be able to hear his music on a real music roll. Wouldn't that be great!! Signed, John A Tuttle

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Hi John,

I live in Applegate, CA. I have listened and loved music my whole life.

I didn't start playing piano until I was 19 back in 1983. I would practice 8 hours a day (for real) when I first started learning to play. I wanted to be in a band so bad and make it. That was my goal and I gave myself one year to do it. A year later, I was in a band. I wrote a lot of original rock material.

A few years went by and I had been in a few more bands. Keyboards were popular back then. So, I owned a Rhodes, Juno 60 and a Yamaha DX 7. Later got a Roland D 50 to finish the line up off.

Around 1990, I decided I wanted to try playing Bass. So, I learned that instrument too. I didn't play piano again until about two and a half years ago. When I first started playing piano, I was trying so hard to learn the Entertainer and the Maple Leaf Rag. I spent months learning them and never finished them.

During the summer of 07 I learned those songs all the way through with no problems and then another 6 more awesome pieces. Then one day after that, I decided to try to write my own rags. I was working on a song and needed another part for it and looked at the cover of my Joplin book and said, "I need a part for this Scott." Somehow at that moment, I wrote the next part. Since then, I have written 5 more 4 part songs all in different keys too. My hardest is in A flat.

I also love Classical (Bach and Chopin) and Progressive rock (Rush, Yes). Plus Jazz. I wish I knew where I get my ideas for the songs. I just start off by playing the bass parts and then fill them in around it. I work on them for a few months then record them when I have the bugs out. I have one song that I have been working on for over 6 months. It is almost ready to be recorded. It is a rag, but not what you might expect. I can't wait to get that one done.

Is it possible to do a link to the garageband web site page that I have? That would be great. Otherwise, let me know what kind of link you need. Also, you can use my email address. That would be awesome.

Thanks again and I hope I didn't bore you too bad :-)

Signed, Craig

Now Playing: "The Favorite", by Craig Weiss.

Hear Craig Weiss play at GarageBand.com - click here (The Favorite) or click here (The Do Da Shuffle).
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