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Hi Charlie,

I spoke at length with the engineer at Story & Clark about the Rewind problem and here's what we came up with;

By design, the Rewind circuit is not enabled until after one wind of paper has wrapped around the Take-Up spool and lifted the On-and-Hold Switch out of the groove in the Take-Up spool.

If the unit goes into Rewind as soon as the On-and-Hold switch is activated, the problem is most likely pneumatic. There are two possibilities. One, the valve that triggers the Rewind switch is stuck in the On position. Two, the rewind switch is stuck in the On position.

To eliminate the valve as the source of the problem, simply disconnect hose #43 from the stack. This opens the air line that leads to the Rewind switch, preventing it from activating. If the problem goes away, the valve is the problem. If the problem is still there, the Rewind switch is the problem.

There are two other unlikely possibilities. One, the tape that covers the bleed access port (on the stack), for the Rewind valve, is leaking slightly. This causes the valve to become Super-Sensitive, and the slightest signal from the trackerbar will trigger the valve into operation. Two, the Trackerbar itself is slightly out of alignment, allowing air to seep into the Rewind port - here again making the Rewind valve super-sensitive.

In both of the above cases, disconnecting hole #43 on the stack will narrow the problem to the valve or the trackerbar. From there, simple testing of the air-tightness of the air line (#44) leading to the trackerbar will determine if the problem is at the trackerbar or in the valve.

BTW, you can get the Service Manual for the Baldwin (Classic) System at:


Lastly, based in the information you told me about how the problem developed over the months, I'm inclined to think that the problem is the duct tape that seals the bleed access port for the Rewind valve (on the stack). To eliminate that as the possible source of the problem, simply cut the existing tape, clean off the adhesive on the stack, and replace the old tape with a new piece of duct tape.

Also, if that solves the problem, it would be wise to replace all of the duct tape on the stack as well as the piece on the auto-sustain bellow. I'd also check all of the vacuum supply tubes and replace them if they aren't nice and supple.

Hope this helps.


John A Tuttle
Brick, NJ, USA

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John A Tuttle

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