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We have two sources of good music for your enjoyment if you are so equipped, so you may want to provide yourself with the software and (sometimes) adequate hardware to truly enjoy the capacity your computer allows you to have-and usually, at no extra charge. A few computers might require a better soundcard, but the difference will be worth it, in our opinion.

There are two kinds of audio you can listen to on a computer: "MIDI," and "AUDIO." Either type requires its own special "player." MIDI music works well with the "Crescendo" player, while "Audio" files use a player called "Real Audio". You will need both players. They are safe, compatible, and work automatically in the background with practically every computer system. They install themselves. Below, you will find the direct links to their sites from which you can download these simple but necessary players. If you wish, you can buy their systems and get the full-bore programs, but to hear our files, you probably won't have to buy anything.

MIDI music requires "soundfonts" already contained in a thoroughly programmed soundcard. At our site, the only soundfont you need will be that of a piano. So if you hear a cheap-sounding "organ" instead, just realize that your card is playing the music correctly, but cannot access the correct piano sounds. That's probably because your soundcard is bare-bones, and not equipped for more than an electronic reaction to this music. If that's the case, you will need a better soundcard.

AUDIO Files are "recordings" of music digitized and played back to you. For these, you don't need more than a simple soundcard which is able to play audio files. The Real Player system will translate these performances to your computer. Again, the Real Player G2 system is also free. Go to:


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