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Canada Piano Co, Made by Williams Piano Co, Oshawa, Sold by Fletcher Bros. LTD., Vancover, B.C.

These are pictures of the above named instrument. To read the data that has already been contributed to Player-Care about this action, read below. Any further information about identifying the player mechanism would be greatly appreciated. Please use this EMAIL LINK to send me information via the form. Thank you, John A Tuttle


The above photos were contributed to Player-Care by Mickey Clark in Canada. The following information was contributed by Ken Vinen in Canada. I thank both gentlemen for their efforts to increase the database of information available only at Player-Care.com.

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John - Canada Piano Company was a "Stencil Name." The real builder was Williams Piano Company of Oshawa Ontario. They were a fairly big name in Canadian built pianos of the time AND built, a lower quality line for any small company that wanted to sell under their own name. The selling dealer was Fletcher Bros in Vancouver British Columbia. Piano was built late 1926. There is a business listing for Canada Piano Company in Oshawa but no records or details which confirms to me that they got their pianos from Williams who were also in Oshawa.

The player action is very basic generic and was most likely purchased from outside, made by Otto Hiegel or Sterling Action and Key. This exact same action shows up in a lot of different brand pianos in Canada. The metal strip in the back of the spool box where the roll tab hits on rewind should have a maker on it.

The part you question is indeed a combination tracker and transposer which will work quite well as long as the tubing is soft so the tracker bar can easily move from side to side. The very small holes will plug up with dust easily and there are several places that can leak, but again, proper and careful work and all is fine.

Soft bass and treble was done with a split rail lift and finger buttons.

This action is very nice to rebuilt. It is perfect for a person who is doing their first player.

Any specific questions please feel free to message me.

As ever - Ken Vinen Aylmer Ontario Canada.

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