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I started composing this tune while I was stationed in Japan during the Vietnam War. It was my first experience with what I thought were augmented chords, and thus the name "Augmented". Being self-taught, I had never had any formal training in music theory, and it wasn't until 15+ years later that I discovered that the primary chord I used doesn't actually have a name. (Maybe it does, but no one has ever been able to explain it to me.) The root (bass) note is F#. Here's what it looks like on sheet music.

Around 1995, I got involved with MIDI, after being dissatisfied with my own studio recordings of the tune. While I was able to play the song fairly well (after about 25+ years of practice ;-), it lacked the body and depth that I heard in my head. As it turned out, the problem was the 'human limitation' - I only have two hands and ten fingers! Below is a graphic that depicts what the music looks like on the music roll. As you can see, you'd have to have four hands to play all the notes.

These rolls were perforated by Bob Billings, and they are excellent quality rolls that are sure to last for many decades.

The cost of the roll is $18.50. Priority shipping will be a maximum of $10.40. To place an order click here. Then fill in the Secure Credit Card form and type "Augmented" in the Comments Box.


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