Craig Brougher's MMD Articles

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1999.07.01.12 A Glue That Lasts
1999.12.27.08 A New Quiet Suction Box from Player Piano Co.
1996.09.11.02 Acronym
1996.09.08.04 Acronym for our Digest
1996.11.30.06 Adding a Xylophone: Questions
1996.11.25.02 Adding Bells to Foot Pumper
1997.06.11.07 Adding Instrumentation to Original Machines
2000.11.22.07 Adjusting Air Motor Valve Timing
1997.12.09.10 Adjusting Duo-Art Valves
1997.12.06.19 Adjusting Duo-Art Valves
1997.08.08.09 Adjusting the Apollo Art-Echo
1997.09.06.11 Adjusting the Standard Tracker
1996.10.05.04 Ads
1999.09.19.08 Aeolian Organ Roll Specifications
1999.02.05.16 Airmotor Speed Regulation in Duo-Art
1999.01.17.09 American Piano Industry 1960's to 1981
1996.05.26.03 Amica Ampico Article
1996.05.23.02 Amica Ampico Article
1996.05.24.08 Amica Ampico Article Review, Part 3
1996.05.24.09 Amica Ampico Article Review, Part 4
1996.06.28.05 AMICA Convention - Comments
2000.01.31.05 Ampex & The Welte Recordings
1997.12.28.16 Ampico A & B Compatibility
1999.03.30.05 Ampico A Equalizer Springs
1997.12.19.13 Ampico A Power Switch
1996.08.01.07 Ampico A/B Expression
1996.06.24.09 Ampico A/B Modification
1997.11.06.19 Ampico Action Stack Cover
1997.01.01.06 Ampico Anomolies
1999.01.12.23 Ampico B Ball Bleed Valves
1997.10.14.16 Ampico B Drawer
1997.10.20.11 Ampico B Pump Pressure
1999.04.02.07 Ampico B Pump Spill Valve Oscillation
1996.09.12.05 Ampico B Regulator Spring
1998.08.17.17 Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.08.18.25 Ampico B Spool Motor Governor Resistor
1997.09.19.16 Ampico B Tracking Mechanism
1997.12.25.17 Ampico Expression Curves
1997.03.14.11 Ampico Expression Levels
1997.07.04.06 Ampico Grand Stop Rail
1996.11.10.13 Ampico Misconceptions
1998.11.02.11 Ampico Model B Ball Valve
1998.11.03.12 Ampico Model B Trackerbar
1998.11.02.10 Ampico Model B Trackerbar
2000.02.16.19 Ampico Power Toggle Switch Replacement
1996.10.27.06 Ampico Pump
1996.05.08.02 Ampico Reproducers
1996.12.14.10 Ampico Roll Tempo Increase
1996.08.05.03 Ampico Valve Block Springs
1997.03.16.07 Ampico Valves in Duo-Art Vorsetzer
1998.08.31.12 Ampico Workshop at MBSI Convention
1996.09.30.01 Animatronics Player Devices
1996.05.13.07 Anti-Virus Tip
1999.10.02.06 Apology
1997.04.02.07 Arrangers Make The Rolls
1997.07.26.11 Arrangers of Cremona M Rolls
1996.08.28.06 Artistic Music is Never Loud
1998.10.29.07 Audio Compression on Rachmaninoff Recordings
1999.10.23.07 Audio Demo of Duo-Art Round Valve Performance
1998.07.17.11 Auto-typist Pump
1997.02.04.12 Bellows Cloth
1998.05.23.10 Berliner Concert
1996.08.20.07 Bicone Switches
1996.07.28.07 Bilon
1999.05.23.15 Bleaching Piano Cases
1998.07.23.06 Bob Maes' Fire
1996.12.04.12 Bobbling hammers
1996.05.25.02 Bogatko rolls
1997.02.04.07 Book by William Braid White
2000.03.02.09 Boyd Pistonola Player Action
2000.02.28.18 Boyd Pistonola Player Action
2000.02.27.14 Boyd Pistonola Player Action
2000.02.25.06 Boyd Pistonola Player Action
2000.03.09.08 Brazing Cast Iron
1996.11.05.13 Bridge repairs
1997.07.29.16 Broken Screw
1999.01.30.20 Bubble Pressure Sensor for Pneumatic Reader
1997.07.25.07 Building an Orchestrion
1997.07.06.03 Building an Orchestrion (the Wrong Way)
1999.07.28.22 Bushings in Old PPCo O-roll Spool Frame
2000.03.28.07 Busoni, Godowsky and the Pianola
1997.09.29.11 Buzzing Sounds in Piano
2000.08.25.08 Cabinet Maker Hates Hot Glue
1996.04.14.08 Cakewalk Problem
1998.12.12.14 Camphor Fumes and Oil
1998.10.06.07 Canadian Legal Problem: Ivory Keytops
1999.09.13.04 Can't Find Steinway XR Serial Number
1996.05.27.05 Chapell Player Piano
1996.08.03.04 Clamping Glued Joints
1999.07.22.03 Clarence Hickman and the Tape Recorder
1999.11.16.09 Clearance for Fluted Valve Stem
1997.08.28.06 Comparing Piano Quality
1997.11.03.13 Comparing Reproducing Piano Systems
1996.11.06.09 Comparisons Between Glues
1997.04.03.07 Concert Grand Reproducing Pianos
1999.05.20.14 Converting Art-Echo Instrument To Play Ampico Rolls
1996.05.20.04 Correct Spelling of Edwin Welte
1997.02.04.14 Cost of Ampico A vs. B
1997.09.12.12 Coupling Bass Octaves
2000.03.07.17 Cracked Piano Plate Can Be Welded
2000.03.05.10 Cracked Piano Plate Can Be Welded
1996.11.02.02 Crazed Finish On Music Box
1996.06.07.03 Cross Valves and Player Parts
1999.12.30.07 Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam
1997.11.07.15 Dampers in Uprights
1997.12.20.13 Dark Finishes of the 1920's
1997.05.13.06 Decals
1999.05.24.07 Decals and White Glue
1999.05.22.06 Decals Unlimited
1999.01.12.16 Declining Quality of Pianos
1998.11.19.09 Defective Player Piano Supplies
2000.01.12.13 Defective Wound Bass Strings
1996.08.30.03 Der Reproducing Fluegel
1999.11.03.04 Double Valve Player Piano Systems
1999.11.27.09 Drilled Piano Hammers
1997.11.20.09 Duo Art Cross Valve Measurements
1997.12.23.18 Duo-Art Adjustment and Missing Notes
1997.12.02.15 Duo-Art at Lowest Intensity
1997.04.01.09 Duo-Art Concert Grand
1997.03.30.11 Duo-Art Concert Grand at Ear Witness Site
1997.11.17.09 Duo-Art Cross Valve
1997.11.19.17 Duo-Art Cross Valve Measurements
1997.11.13.16 Duo-Art Cross Valve Replacement Mystery Solved
1999.09.23.04 Duo-Art Cross Valves
1997.04.09.13 Duo-Art Expression Box Muffler
1996.08.18.08 Duo-Art Expression Box Muffler Felt
1996.10.27.08 Duo-Art Expression Coding
1999.07.29.11 Duo-Art Expression in Late 20s
1997.02.27.11 Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics
1996.06.14.02 Duo-Art Grasshopper Pump
1996.08.27.06 Duo-Art Measurements and Adjustments
1996.09.11.10 Duo-Art Numbers, Continued
1996.12.26.04 Duo-Art Plays Too Loud
1997.12.26.20 Duo-Art Pump Spill Measurements
1999.10.28.05 Duo-Art Repetition Problem
1999.10.27.13 Duo-Art Repetition Problem
1999.10.26.11 Duo-Art Repetition Problem
1997.03.29.06 Duo-Art Roll Negro Heaven
1999.05.09.09 Duo-Art Roll-Tracking System
1999.02.18.08 Duo-Art Soft Pedal Methods
1997.12.11.12 Duo-Art Soft-Playing and Missing Notes
1997.12.28.15 Duo-Art Spill Pressure
1996.09.10.13 Duo-Art Stack Vacuum Numbers
1997.07.01.07 Duo-Art Sustain Problems
1996.09.06.04 Duo-Art Vacuum Numbers
1997.12.13.11 Duo-Art Valve Flow Measurements
2000.01.26.15 Duo-Art Valve Leakage
2000.01.24.14 Duo-Art Valve Leakage
1997.04.28.12 Early Amphion Ampico Install and Test
1997.08.15.11 Effects of Piano Pedals
1997.06.26.12 Electrical Safety for Mills Violano
1996.08.10.05 Electrical Switches for Pianos
1996.11.09.07 Epoxied Bridge Pins
1999.05.07.11 European vs. American Violin Pipes
1998.11.08.10 Extra Thick Pouch Leather
1996.12.17.07 Faulty Duo-Art Recordings
1996.08.10.03 Fire Hazard in Grand Players
1997.09.08.15 Fish Glue
1999.12.30.11 Flexible Joints in Gulbransen Player Action
1999.12.29.10 Flexible Joints in Gulbransen Player Action
1996.07.28.01 Flexible Lap Joints
1999.02.22.14 Forzando Leaker in Welte Mignon Licensee Action
1999.10.01.09 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1996.08.07.06 Frosty The Snowman
1998.02.16.10 FS: Chickering Ampico Grand
1997.03.05.23 FS: Duo-Art Mechanism, Complete
1999.03.18.08 FS: Mason & Hamlin Upright Ampico
1998.08.25.10 Ghost Story - Player Piano Company
1999.06.20.13 Glues and Adhesives
1996.08.01.08 Gluing Ampico Valve Blocks
1999.09.30.19 Gluing Glad Wrap Plastic Pouch Material
1999.07.17.06 Gluing Hoses Into Wurlitzer Tracker Bar
1999.08.28.13 Good Player, Bad Piano
1997.10.14.17 Gulbransen Pedal Problem
1996.10.24.12 Gulbransen Unit Pneumatics
1997.01.27.17 Gulbransen Valves
1997.07.01.08 Hammond VibraChord Amplifier
1998.11.09.18 Harsh Tone & Brittle Pianos
1997.10.14.12 High-voltage Solenoids
1999.10.30.08 Hire the Qualified and Honest Restorer
1996.06.07.02 Historic Restorations
1997.01.02.03 Historical Lyrics on Rolls
1997.02.08.08 Hole-for-Hole Replication
1999.09.22.06 Hot Glue Pot Meltdown
1999.06.21.11 Hot Hide Glue
1996.04.21.05 Hot Hide Glue
1999.06.09.04 Hot Hide Glue -- Garbage?
1999.06.15.10 Hot Hide Glue -- Questions & Answers
1999.06.24.14 Hot Hide Glue a Thermoplastic?
1996.12.03.18 Hot Hide Glue for Pneumatics
2000.08.29.04 Hot Hide Glue is Superior for Rebuilding Players
1997.02.05.15 Humidity and Violanos
1997.11.06.16 Hurdy Gurdy & Herd o' Gurdies
1996.11.06.07 Hydrocote
1998.09.21.07 I Stand Corrected About Rags
1999.03.21.13 Installing Rubber Tubing on Tracker Bar
1996.03.16.02 Introduction
1997.08.13.13 Ivory Cement
1999.06.20.14 Joinery and Player Pianos
1999.12.05.12 Kastner Kastonome Accenting Player System
1999.12.03.10 Kastner Kastonome Accenting Player System
1996.09.09.07 Latest Duo-Art Modification
1999.06.26.07 Liquid Hide Glue
1999.03.10.07 Location of Ampico B Rewind Valve
1997.03.03.22 Loose Tuning Pins
1997.03.01.11 Loose Tuning Pins
1997.04.07.16 Lost Mail
1996.09.24.05 Loud Playing Duo-Arts
1997.07.22.10 M Rolls
1997.07.24.10 M Rolls vs. O Rolls
1997.07.20.07 M Rolls vs. O Rolls
1999.02.03.08 Magnetic Reed Switch for Roll Reader
1996.08.20.10 Mahogany Veneer
1997.10.21.08 Make Your Piano Tuner Feel Comfortable
1997.11.15.09 Manual vs. Auto Sustain
1997.11.06.03 Margery Skow, Little Rascals' Pianist
1998.09.08.01 MBSI 1998 Annual Meeting in Charlotte NC
1997.02.06.09 Mechanical Music for Me
2001.01.14.07 Mechanical Music on Display
1996.08.02.03 Mechanical Music Sources List Addendum
1996.08.20.08 Mercury
1997.03.19.08 Microsoft Internet Explorer (tm) Security
1996.09.16.06 Midi File and Picture Decoding Question
1997.07.12.02 Modern Band Organ Design
1996.11.08.06 More on Bridges
1996.08.10.02 Motor Rewinding
1998.04.16.14 Moving Pianos
1998.11.06.08 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.04.15 Music Roll Acceleration
2000.03.19.18 Music Rolls, PowerRoll and MIDI
2000.09.02.03 My New Email Address
2000.08.22.03 My New Email Address
1999.07.24.05 New and Old Reproducing Pianos
1996.08.13.08 New Electrical Switches
1998.10.22.04 New Email Address
1998.02.16.04 New E-Mail Address
1997.06.13.10 New Heavy Bellows Cloth
1998.05.17.01 New Pneumatic Cloth Available
1998.05.18.05 New Pneumatic Cloth From Switzerland Available
1999.11.23.13 New Suction Boxes from PPCo
1999.03.14.09 New Valve Tester & Ampico B Valves
1999.03.15.12 New Valve Tester and Ampico B Valves
1997.01.08.08 Nickel Plated Screws
1997.08.07.12 Nickelodeon Xylophones
1997.01.30.07 Nickelodeon, Orchestrion
1997.12.31.07 No More Technical Articles
1997.04.10.07 Ohman and Arden Comparison Performance
1999.11.13.14 Oiling of Wick-Lubricated Motors
1999.04.08.08 Open House for the Ding-A-Ling Orchestrion
1997.03.01.13 Optimizing Bleeds
1999.10.15.07 Orchestral Tremolo
1998.04.05.15 Orchestrion Originality
1997.07.12.03 Orchestrion Parts
1999.05.08.08 Orchestrion Pipes
1999.08.11.12 Orchestrion Snare Drum Mechanisms
2000.01.25.09 Origin of Dynavoice
1996.05.17.03 Original Recording pianos
2000.12.14.09 O-Roll Tracking Problems
1996.09.10.14 Paper Bleeds
1998.02.28.05 Pauline Alpert Piano Rolls
1999.08.05.09 Pedal Pumping Rate
1996.09.08.03 Perflex and Tuftane
1996.10.19.02 Perforator Musings
1996.12.06.12 Perforator Scales and Printing
1996.08.29.06 Pete's Loud Duo-Art
1997.06.18.01 Phenosealing Pouch Wells
1997.03.08.13 Pin-Tite and the Guild
1997.01.30.10 Plastic Keytop Installation
1997.01.27.16 Plastic Keytops
1997.01.20.08 Player Piano Company
1997.03.18.06 Player Piano Concert
1996.11.09.10 Player Piano Kits
1999.12.09.09 Player Piano Rebuilding Technique
1996.05.16.07 Player Piano Valves
1999.06.21.09 Player Pianos and the Hanta Virus
2000.03.22.08 Player Pianos and the Next Generation
1999.04.03.09 Player Pianos in Restaurants
1996.12.31.09 Playing 88-note Rolls on an Ampico
1996.07.04.02 PlayRite Rolls and Belly Cloth
1998.09.16.11 Plea for New Classical Ampico Arrangements
1997.01.31.07 Pliobond and Carters Rubber Cement
2000.03.05.05 Pneumatic Cloth from Player Piano Co.
1996.08.30.05 Pneumatic covering material
1999.01.16.15 Pneumatic Players Are Reliable
1999.03.13.09 Pneumatic Valve Tester Uses Tiny Loudspeaker
1999.02.01.18 Pneumatically-Operated Switches Are Preposterous?
1997.02.05.07 Polylon
1997.11.01.13 Polylon With Hot Hide Glue
1999.07.05.08 Popular Rolls of the Era
1996.05.28.01 Pouch Leather
1999.10.05.11 Pouch Leather for Orchestrion Valves
1999.03.01.08 Pouch On Early Ampico Air Motor Governor
2000.03.07.12 PPCo & Player Piano Rebuilding Advice
1997.12.10.14 PPCo. Rebuilding Advice
1996.07.23.06 Pratt-Reed Player Regulation
1996.12.19.16 Preserve the Words on the Rolls!
1997.12.15.18 Problem with Pedal & Electric Player
2000.03.21.15 Proper Restorations
2000.03.06.10 Properties of Good Pneumatic Cloth
1999.06.23.09 Properties of Hot Hide Glue
1997.01.23.19 Proportional Solodant
1997.09.05.09 Protecting Rolls During Rewind
1997.05.31.02 PVC-E Glue and Phenoseal
1999.01.05.10 QRS Pianomation Installation
1997.10.09.04 Quiet Vacuum Source Needed
1998.07.25.15 Racial Disparity in Songs of the 'Teens
2001.03.05.07 Radio and the Player Piano
1996.12.03.23 Re Ampico A and B Compatibility
1996.05.15.05 Re: Aeolian Sting Repair
1996.03.25.03 RE: Air Flow in Valves
1996.10.09.06 Re: AMADEUS Perforating System
1997.01.02.11 Re: Ampico Anomalies
1996.07.06.01 Re: Ampico B Response Question
1996.06.06.02 Re: Ampico Crescendo
1996.05.10.02 Re: Ampico Expression Springs
1997.01.03.13 Re: C.C. Harvey Piano
1996.04.07.03 Re: Coating Pouches
1996.05.03.08 Re: correction, Wire Size Calculations
1996.08.17.06 Re: Duo-Art Playing Too Loud
1996.08.16.16 Re: Duo-Art Plays Too loud
1996.08.30.04 Re: Duo-Art Zero Setting
1996.12.15.12 Re: Electrified Pumpers
1996.04.20.02 Re: Finishes
1996.06.13.02 Re: Folding Bellows
1996.06.07.01 Re: Folding Bellows
1996.06.06.03 Re: Folding Bellows
1997.01.13.10 Re: Foot-pump Marque Ampico Crescendos
1996.03.23.03 Re: Force Versus Distance of a Pneumatic
1996.03.22.08 Re: Force Versus Distance of a Pneumatic
1996.10.17.08 Re: George Gershwin
1996.06.16.02 Re: Grasshopper Pump Solution
1997.01.15.14 Re: Help for 1914 Kimball Player
1996.06.04.01 Re: Historic Restorations
1996.05.06.03 RE: Ivory Bleach
1997.02.08.04 Re: Mechanical Music for the Masses
1996.04.09.07 Re: Music Roll Editing Software
1996.03.13.05 Re: Nickelodeon Rolls
1996.05.17.06 Re: Orchestrion Book
1996.05.20.03 Re: Original Recording Pianos
1996.12.05.14 Re: Perforator Advance Distances
1996.06.21.03 Re: Pouch Sealants
1996.12.14.08 Re: Removing Old Tracker Bar Tubing
1996.05.08.07 RE: Reproducer's Voice
1996.05.06.02 RE: Reproducing Mechanisms in Concert Grands
1996.04.29.02 Re: Restringing
1996.04.09.04 Re: Sealing Pouches
1996.04.11.02 Re: Sealing Pouches: Migration of Silicone
1996.06.21.04 Re: Steamboat Pumps
1997.01.26.09 Re: Switched-off Keys
1997.01.19.10 Re: The Tracker Organ
1996.04.25.04 Re: Wire Size Calculation: Bass Strings
1996.04.25.05 Re: Wire Size Calculation: Treble Strings
1996.04.23.03 Re: Wire Size Calculations
1999.01.29.09 Reading Music Rolls Using Pneumatic Switches
1999.11.25.05 Rebuild the Player Piano Yourself
1997.07.13.11 Rebuilding Ampico Pump
1999.05.21.11 Rebuilding Metal Stem Player Valves
1997.12.07.15 Rebuilding Simplex Pneumatics
1997.10.21.16 Rebuilding the Autopiano
1999.01.28.14 Rebuilding Wurlitzer Valves
1997.10.29.18 Recover Pneumatics With Polylon & Hide Glue
1997.10.30.08 Re-covering Pneumatics with Polylon
1996.06.27.03 Reed Organ Pallets
1999.02.20.09 Regulating the Welte-Mignon Licensee Player
1999.05.15.05 Remastering 88-Note Rolls
1997.05.08.12 Removing Player Actions!!!??
1996.08.16.10 Removing Watermarks on Old Finishes
1997.09.22.10 Repairing a Buzzing Soundboard
1999.11.13.15 Repairing Ampico B Electric Spool Drive Motor
1997.03.25.10 Repairing Deleika 20-key Organ
1996.12.31.12 Repairing Epoxied Tracker Bar
1999.11.22.05 Repairing Old Piano Rolls
1996.11.07.13 Repairing Upright Bass Bridges
1996.09.17.04 Repairing wood screw threads
1998.08.23.21 Replacement Pull-On Switches
2000.01.16.11 Replacing Bass Strings vs. Knotting
1996.04.14.06 Reply to Thomas Henderson: Rebuilding Advice
1999.03.31.04 Reroll Problem With Automatic Kit
1999.07.28.17 Restoration Techniques and Purists
1999.02.10.15 Restoring Ampico B Drawer Panels
1999.12.26.04 Restoring Gulbransen Action Stacks
1996.07.31.04 Retrofitting an Ampico
1999.02.23.09 Rewind Solutions for Electric Turbine Kits
1997.04.28.15 Rewinding Electric Motors
1998.11.07.06 Roll Compensation for Tempo
1997.07.30.14 Roll Readers
1996.06.30.02 Roll Supplier
1998.03.03.10 Roll Tempo and Hand-playing Speed
1997.09.18.13 Roll Tracking Mechanisms
1999.02.17.09 Rolls For Regulating Reproducing Pianos
1999.09.03.05 Round Leather Belting
1999.04.25.04 Scanning Music Rolls with Infrared LEDs
1997.06.05.09 Schultz Pouch Pneumatics
1997.04.11.13 Sealing Pouches
1999.05.03.02 Seeburg G Pipes
1999.05.05.05 Seeburg G Violin Pipes
1999.01.18.14 Seeburg Instruments at Missouri Auction
1999.01.17.05 Seeburg Instruments at Missouri Auction
1997.12.06.14 Seek QRS Roll ILO
1997.06.30.07 Seek Vibraharp Amplifier
1999.03.24.08 Silicone in Pianos
1996.10.03.02 Simplex Pedal Muffler Felt
1997.04.08.12 Simplex Pneumatics
1996.10.14.03 Simplex Pneumatics
1999.11.15.11 Single-Finger Music Roll Tracking System
1999.11.14.09 Single-Finger Music Roll Tracking System
1999.02.26.06 Soft Pedal Problem
1997.03.05.14 Solenoid Players
1997.03.04.13 Solenoid Players
1999.07.26.16 Solenoid Players in Upright Pianos
1997.10.03.11 Solenoid vs. Pneumatic Pianos
1997.09.26.13 Solid Poplar, not Plywood, for Restorations
1996.08.14.03 Some Electrical Switch Dimensions
1996.11.03.04 Some Notes Regarding Raising Pitch
1996.11.03.03 Soundboard Cracks
1997.08.23.10 Soundboard Design
2000.03.15.08 Source of Rubber Cement
1999.12.15.16 Spirit of Independence (SofI) - The Video
2000.01.22.16 Sponge Neoprene in Reproducing Piano Valves
1997.12.26.16 Spool Frame Design
1999.02.03.05 Standard Player Piano Action Brochure
1997.06.09.03 Standard Valve Problem
1997.06.06.08 Standard valve problem
1997.06.05.11 Standard Valve Problem
1997.06.10.03 Standard Valve Problem unresolved
1999.09.20.02 Steinway Duo-Art Serial Numbers
1999.09.19.05 Steinway Duo-Art Serial Numbers
1997.08.16.06 String Tension
1997.05.14.03 Subscription to MMD
1997.07.31.15 Suction Boxes & Motor Controls
1997.10.28.09 Sustain Pedal Usage
1999.11.11.04 Taking Credit for Someone's Work
1998.11.06.10 Tempo Acceleration On Rolls
1997.12.23.11 Tempola Rolls
1998.09.11.08 Testing Pouch Sealants
1999.08.04.10 Testing Simplex Unit Pneumatics
1997.12.28.13 Testing Standard Valves
1999.05.08.05 The Brougher Orchestrion
1996.05.21.07 The Corrupt MIDI Influence
1999.03.22.16 The Distinctive Sound of Organ Pipes
1999.03.20.09 The Distinctive Sound of Organ Pipes
1998.11.18.08 The Giant Ding-A-Ling Orchestrion
1996.07.25.03 The Pratt-Reed Question
1997.08.03.09 The RAM Roll Reading Device
1999.01.26.07 The Right Polylon
1997.06.02.05 The Schultz Player
1996.09.12.06 The Test for Cross and Round Valves
1997.01.17.10 The Tracker Organ
1997.07.23.05 The Trackerbar Stomp
1999.03.05.14 Thin Gaskets in Pneumatic Deck
1999.04.29.08 Tight Tuning Pins
1997.09.06.12 Tipping the Grand Piano
1997.04.14.09 Tite-Bond Glue
1999.12.09.06 Too Loud, Too Talkative
1999.02.09.14 Tracker Bar Cleaning
1996.11.30.04 Trackerbar hole distances
1997.01.16.09 Trackerbar Terms
1999.10.13.08 Tremolo and Vibrato
1999.10.11.05 Tremolo and Vibrato
1996.09.18.06 Troubleshooting a Themodist
1997.09.14.04 Truncating a MIDI-file for Perforating
1997.06.20.03 Tuning The Mills Violano
1996.07.25.02 Tuttle Apology
1997.08.20.18 Twist the Old Bass Strings
1999.05.10.07 Ultraviolet Lamp Starting & Operation
1997.01.09.04 Unzipping Files
1999.04.07.05 Up-Down Accumulator for Coin Piano
1997.03.02.13 Using Lunsford-Alden Pin-Tite
1999.02.11.15 Vacuum Cleaner vs. Tracker Bar Pump
1997.09.27.11 Value of Unrestored Nickelodeon
1997.04.07.15 Valve Leather
1997.02.04.13 Valve Stems
1997.12.17.26 Valve Travel In Reproducing Pianos
1999.08.07.04 Vincent Lopez
1997.08.17.14 Voicing Hammers
1996.08.13.14 Warped Keybed
1998.11.01.21 Was the Rachmaninoff Ampico CD Conjured?
2000.01.28.15 Welte Mercury Trough Recording Piano
2000.01.27.24 Welte Mercury Trough Recording Piano
2000.01.26.09 Welte Mercury Trough Recording Piano
2000.02.07.13 Welte-Mignon LP Legendary Masters of the Piano
2000.02.06.11 Welte-Mignon T-100 Recording System Technology
2000.02.02.08 Welte-Mignon T-100 Recording System Technology
2000.01.29.14 Welte-Mignon T-100 Recording System Technology
1997.11.05.02 What's a Hurdy-Gurdy?
1996.05.03.07 Wire Size Calculations
2000.02.28.13 Wood Type in Player Piano Actions
1999.09.07.14 Wooden Crank Rod Lubrication
1999.09.06.11 Wooden Crank Rod Lubrication
1997.05.01.11 Wooden Crank Rods
1999.07.17.02 Wurlitzer Duplex Roll Frame

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Since "Player-Care" is an internet business, I prefer that we correspond via E-Mail (click here to fill out the 'Request Form'). However, if I'm not in the middle of some other activity, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. But please understand that during the hours from 8AM-5PM EST (Mon-Sat), I'm generally quite busy. So, I probably won't answer the phone. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message stating the reason for your call. Also, repeat your name and phone number clearly and distinctly. By necessity, I prioritize everything in my life. And, if you call and just leave your name and number, and ask me to call you back, it might be a day or two before I return your call. Why? Because I don't know why you want me to call and I might not be prepared to assist you in an effective and efficient manner. If you leave me an E-Mail address (which I prefer), spell it out phonetically. The more you do to help me, the more I can help you in return. Don't rush. You have four minutes to record your message.

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407 19th Ave, Brick, NJ, 08724
Phone Number 732-840-8787
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