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ArtEcho Function Switches

This web page is devoted to the ArtEcho function switches. For those who have the capability to do 3-D printing, I will make the CAD files, that were used to produce the switches, available in the .stl format for $30.00 each. (That's $60.00 for each 2-part switch.) Also, I have had two sets of the switches printed, and can have them ready for delivery within 2-4 days. The cost is $85.00 per switch. If interested, fill out the Request Form -click here.

Although these switches look quite similar to the functions switches in the Ampico 'A', they are in fact quite different. The switches shown in the videos below are from an ArtEcho system in a grand piano. And while they look virtually identical to the ones shown in the reference materials that are available for the ArtEcho upright models, we have no way of proving that they will work properly in the upright.

Modulator Switch - Base

Link to YouTube video click here

Modulator Switch - Cap

Link to YouTube video click here

Modulator Switch - Overlay/Rotation

Link to YouTube video click here

Automatic Switch - Base

Link to YouTube video click here

Automatic Switch - Cap

Link to YouTube video click here

Automatic Switch - Rotation

Link to YouTube video click here

Repeat Switch - Base

Link to YouTube video click here

Repeat Switch - Cap

Link to YouTube video click here

Repeat Switch - Rotation

Link to YouTube video click here

Below are selected graphics from the ArtEcho reference materials for the grand and upright systems. While there are three switches used in the system, it was found that the Repeat switch is identical in virtually every aspect (functionally speaking) to the Repeat switch in the Ampico 'A' system. The Ampico 'A' Repeat switch is available here. I was unable to find a graphic of the Automatic switch in any of the reference materials.

Lastly, I will be posting pictures of the finished switches that I'm having printed by Shapeways. Finishing the switches involves lapping the switch faces with 600 grit wet/dry paper and installing the brass nipples, which all must be 100% air-tight. Also, while I could have had the switches printed in brass or aluminum, which would cost hundreds of dollars, I had them printed in what Shapeways calls 'fine detail plastic'. Air switches that I've previously had printed using this material are quite strong and work exceptionally well.

Below are pictures of two of the three switches. The Repeat switch has been printed but is not yet finished. Due to the amount of time required to finish the switches after they are printed, the price is $85.00 each.

Click on image to see full sized picture.
Picture of Repeat switch coming soon.

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