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Aeolian Themodist Tubing

Occasionally I'll have the time to help someone figure out a problem they're having with a particular mechanism. In the case below, the gentleman couldn't figure out how to hook up the tubing for the Theme Control Box in his Aeolian Themodist player. This correspondence took place in September 2013. So, it only took me 1-1/2 years to get around to completing this webpage. Typically, I get things like this done within weeks, but this one fell through the cracks. As they sometimes say, 'Better late than never'.

Hi Aaron,

Now, about the five tubes.

1) The one larger tube is main vacuum supply. It comes from the expression box, which receives its supply from the very large hose that's connected to the exhauster assembly.

2) The tube that's pictured on the right in the diagram, which goes to the device labeled the 'One Finger Tracker Adjuster' is also main vacuum supply. However, it comes directly from the exhauster assembly. Generally, you will find that there's a small 3/16" OD elbow on the back of the exhauster assembly that's located right in the middle. That tubing gets connected to the roll tracking device (the two opposing bellows that adjust the position of the music roll), marked "C" in both 'photo1a.jpg' and 'photo2a.jpg'.



While I'm on the topic, the two elbows on the back of the spoolbox (marked 'A' and 'B') get connected to the two tubes on top of the tracking device. See attachment 'photo1a.jpg'.

3) Next we'll address what is referred to as the 'Pedal Unit'. In the tubing diagram, it's shown as the tube/valve on the right side of the theme box. That is incorrect. In fact, it's the tube on the left end of the box (looking from the front of the box). This is evidenced by the piece of red felt which covers the exhaust port for the valve.

Concerning the operation of the three valves in the box, this one is the most difficult to understand because the diagram is incomplete. What Mr Vance left out are two connections on the box, which I've marked as 'E' and 'F' in the attached picture (tubing-theme.jpg). In effect, those connections are used to either 'enable' or 'disable' the operation of the Pedal Valve. At this point in time, I won't go in to how that happens or why that function even exists. What is important, at this time, is where the hoses get connected.


There should be a lever in the spoolbox marked Pedal On/Off (or Sustain On/Off or Loud On/Off). It should move the block of wood seen in 'photo2a.jpg' that I labeled 'Pedal'. The hoses that I've marked 'E' and 'F' get connected to the nipples under that block.

4/5) Moving on; Finally we get to the Bass and Treble Theme Control Valves. Refer to 'tubing-theme.jpg' to see which is which. but note that in your unit (see 'photo2a.jpg) the treble valve is on the left and the bass valve is in the center. However, where the hoses connect on the 'J' block, their order is reversed. I would strongly suggest rearranging them to avoid confusion.

Lastly, referring again to 'tubing-theme.jpg', I'll address what are most commonly called 'trigger tubes'. These are the tubes that connect to the trackerbar, and as perforations in the music roll pass over the corresponding holes in the trackerbar, signals pass to the corresponding pouches which 'trigger' the valves into operation. In your unit, there are three trigger tubes: Treble Theme, Bass Theme, and Sustain (or Pedal). The location, or position of those holes in the trackerbar are noted in the attached diagram named 'tracker-themodist.jpg'.



John A Tuttle
Portions of this email may be used in a future article related to the operation of the Aeolian Themodist player mechanism.

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