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Aeolian (modern) Power Cord
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Since I have received a number of emails regarding missing or damaged electric power cords for the complete line of modern Aeolian player pianos, I decided to make up a web page about solving the problem. These pianos were made from the mid-60's through the mid-80's, and the power cord is the same in all cases. Basically speaking, it's just a simple extension cord. Unfortunately, the makers of extension cords changed the basic design of an extension cord many years ago, and todays standard extension cord will not work with the Aeolian players. That's because the 'female end', which gets plugged into the back of the piano, is facing the wrong direction.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, instead of trying to explain the difference between the basic types of extension cords, I'll just post a few pictures. First is a picture of the back of a modern Aeolian player piano. Note that the prongs of the plug stick straight out. Next is a picture of a standard extension cord. Note that the holes are on the side of the plug. Last is a picture of a heavy appliance or air-conditioner extension cord. Note that the holes come out the end of the cord.

Although it's hard to find a heavy duty extension cord that has only two holes (all heavy appliance or air-conditioner extension cords these days are the three-hole variety) the three-hole (with earth ground) variety occasionally works just fine with the Aeolian players. (You might have to trim off some of the plastic to get the plug to fit into the recepticle.) In fact, if it fits in the recepticle, they are better than the original power cord. This is because the gauge of the wire is heavier than the original cord. By the way, don't be concerned or alarmed by the fact that the 3rd wire ground is not used. There is no place in the piano where is either side of the electric cord is attached to the instrument itself, and all of the electrical connections are either internal or inaccessible unless components inside the piano are opened up for servicing.

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