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Lauter-Humana Diagram

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Basic Tubing Layout

The diagram was found in a Lauter-Humana by COL. Scott Slauson. Scott also did the scanning of the document. I scaled it down to fit on this page, which made it illegible. However, the original full-scale image is very legible. Also, thanks to the efforts of Steve Davis, the full-scale image appears as it did originally.

The picture is still split into three parts. Simply click on the part of the picture you wish to view from the diagram below. To return to this page after viewing, click your BACK button.

Lauter in Three Parts
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For those of you that have never worked on a Lauter-Humana, I am including a few additional steps which are not mentioned in the original text. I have also taken the liberty of editing the drawing of the piano (piano1.jpg) to include the location of the four screws that hold the facia board (marked in red) to the main platform and the six screws that hold the valve cover to the valve mounting board. The screws are marked in yellow. The blue boxes are mounted to the valve cover.

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Before the Valve Cover can be removed, the Facia Board must be removed. There are four screws holding the board in place. Once removed, three of the screws that hold the Valve Cover in place are exposed. The other three screws, which must also be removed, are located near the bottom edge of the Valve Cover. When all six screws are removed, the Value Cover can be taken out of the unit. Be careful not to damage the Volume Indicator Pneumatic or Tempo Linkage when removing the Valve Cover.

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