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For the Western Part of the United States

Art Reblitz
Reblitz Restorations Inc.
Colorado Springs CO
Email to: orchestrion@comcast.net

Specializing in the restoration of orchestrions and band organs, and in custom music roll arranging for these instruments, since 1972. No rolls are kept in stock. Not available for telephone consultation at this time.

For information on purchasing my books Piano Servicing, Tuning and Rebuilding and Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding, Click Here.

My book The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments is available by mail order only from the publisher, Mechanical Music Press. This major work includes the history of automatic instruments, technical information, collecting stories, tracker scales and key frame layouts in 158,000 words and hundreds of beautiful color pictures. For more information, go to: www.mechanicalmusicpress.com This major work includes:

-- 250 color photos of restored instruments, inside and out
-- a substantial text packed full of historical and technical information
-- descriptions of instruments from a musical point of view, explaining what makes each one unique and interesting
-- an illustrated tour of famous public collections from 1927 to the present
-- valuable tips for new collectors

My books Treasures of Mechanical Music (with Q. David Bowers), and The Mills Violano-Virtuoso (with Mike Kitner) are currently out of print, and I do not have any copies for sale.

"Values of Automatic Pianos and Organs"
by Art Reblitz (click here)


Court Lannom
Courtney Lannom, Inc.
2648 Newport Boulevard, Suite B
Costa Mesa, CA
work phone: 949-645-3960
toll free: 800-979-4042
FAX: 949-645-3603
Email: clannominc@sbcglobal.net

Web Site: www.PlayerPianoPros.com

Since 1978
Piano technician with extensive rebuilding experience.
Certified Stahnke Live Performance LX technician and dealer.
Certified QRS Pianomation technician and dealer with over 1800 Pianomation Installations.
Certified Pianoforce technician and dealer.
Certified Baldwin ConcertMaster technician.
Complete inventory of QRS Pianomation CD's available online at www.PianomationSoCal.com


Diane DeTar & Wayne Johnston
8490 Nentra Street
La Mesa, CA 91942 (San Diego Area)
Phone: (619) 464-4542 (or in California) 1-800-76-PIANO
E-mail: ddetar49@gmail.com

Diane has been a Piano Technician since 1975. Wayne has been a Technician since 1994 and is also a machinist and a skilled custom woodworker. Both are Piano Technicians with extensive rebuilding experience with player pianos, reproducers and orchestrions. Wayne is a certified QRS Pianomation Technician and does installations and service of the units. He also installs PianoForce and custom MIDI systems on all types of Mechanical Musical Instruments. Currently they do service in the Southern California, Arizona and Nevada areas.


John R. Pohlpeter
Another Time Restoration
18347 S. Redland Rd.
Oregon City, Oregon
Work/Shop: 503 631 8033
E-mail to: john@anothertimerestoration.com

Web Site: http://www.anothertimerestoration.com

Restoration, sales, complete rebuilding services of automatic musical instruments. Player Pianos, Band Organs, Orchestrions, Pump organs, Reproducing pianos, and rolls available. Hours: Monday-Friday 9-4. Weekends by appointment. Please call before visiting.


Rick Bourgeois Richard Bourgeois Pianos
Pittsburg, CA
Phone No. 925-432-9076
Email: ricflyer@comcast.net

Rick is an excellent technician, and always has a few player restorations going in his shop.

(Info submitted by: Marc Kaufman at kaufman@CS.Stanford.edu)


Majestic Piano Works
Nicholas and Denise Morris
2440 Jamestown Court
Oxnard ,CA
Work/Home: 818-419-2636
E-Mail to: Npianoworks@aol.com

Web Site: www.Pianosoftware.com

Based in Ventura, CA., we install and service all major player piano systems including QRS, Piano Disc, Live Performance and service for Yamaha Disklavier. We also still support Pianocorder systems. We service all of So. Calif., and have shipped player systems world wide. Over 40 years in the player/reproducing piano business, we have installed thousand of systems into pianos. For information on leading edge technology in the player piano world contact us. To see some of the leading innovations in the player piano world check out our modern day vorstzer, Arpeggio the Piano Superdroid on YouTube or Facebook.


Roger Jennison
Roger's Piano Service
4815 Diamond Dr.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: (719)528-1741
E-mail: rdjenn@pcisys.net

Tuning, regulation, repair, rentals/sales, rebuild players since 1983...associate member P.T.G.


Laurence Broadmoore
Broadmoore Automatic Instrument Restorations
908 Glenoaks Blvd, Apt 3
San Fernando, CA
Phone: (818) 365-6231
E-mail To: larrybr@verizon.net

Web: www.broadmoorepianocompany.com

Complete piano and player piano rebuilding services; all makes and models. Also the inventor of the PowerRoll system. Serving the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. 52+ years experience. Also does 'in-home' tuning and repairs.


James (Jim) Williams
799 Maple Street
Ogden, Utah
Phone: (801) 394-7263
E-mail To: topbrent@hotmail.com

I saw your listing on the MMD for a player piano technician in Utah. I work on player pianos, how may I be of help to You? I have been working on players for 35 years. Please let me know how I can assist you, or others in need repair work.


Bruce Newman
Newman Restorations
36475 US Hwy 101
Suite 1358
Gold Beach, OR
Cell: 541-698-0669
E-mail To: orchestrelle@gmail.com

Website: Newman Restorations

We are a full service restoration shop rebuilding all types of pneumatic self-playing instruments including player pianos, reproducing pianos, orchestrions, player reed and pipe organs as well as band organs. We also build new components such as percussion units, xylophones and pipe chests. Building brand new replica organ pipes and restoring damaged existing pipes is a specialty of ours.

For more information, check out our website: Newman Restorations

Also check out our YouTube channel: DuoArtOrgan


Jeremy Stevens, AMICA MBSI PTG
Kaysville, Utah
Phone: 801-544-5207
E-mail To: JGStvns@aol.com

I work on and restore mechanical musical items on the side. I am currently very busy with several Seeburg and Mortier restorations but I can sometimes work in a few items once in a while. I'm curious to find out about any interest for mechanical music in Utah, it is very scarce around here. I live in Kaysville, about 25 north of Salt Lake City, Utah.


Joshua Rapier
4790 Rubidoux Ave
Riverside, CA
Phone: 951-442-4215
E-mail To: joshrapier@juno.com

Web Site: www.reproducingpianos.com

Specializing in restorations and service of fine reproducing pianos, player pianos, nickelodeons, orchestrions, band organs and other pneumatic players including player organs, reed or pipe. Over thirty years experience. Servicing all of California.


Michael Edwards
2019 1st. Avenue
Rapid City, SD
Phone: (605)341-4187
E-mail To: piano@rushmore.com

Over 30 years in the restoration field. I have one of the most complete shops in the area. Pianos, Grands, Players, Nickelodeons, MIDI and custom building is what I do.


Bryan Graef and Robin Canada
Graef's Piano Service
North K St.
Lompoc, CA
Phone: 805-621-4996
E-mail To: recanada@msn.com

Clayton Graef has been one of the only player piano technicians/rebuilders between the Bay Area and Los Angeles for decades. We are his son and daughter and he has taught us everything we know for most of our lives. We tune, rebuild, refinish, and restore any piano including players.
Bryan: 805-621-4996
Robin: 805-717-3490


Ken Davis
Ken's Piano Sales & Service
Twin Falls, Idaho
Phone: 208-734-7061
E-mail To: info@kenspiano.com

Web Site: www.kenspiano.com

Player Piano repair and servicing. Experienced in all makes and models. Pianomation and PianoDisc installation. 30+ years experience.


Vincent Wukmir
1527 W. 13th St. #C
Upland, CA
Home: 909-949-6961
FAX: 909-931-3207
Work: 909-949-9779
E-mail To: vwukmir@adelphia.net

I am a player piano specialist for 30 years. My family has been into players for 3 generations. Dick Leonard, another of the player technicians listed at Player-Care, is my Uncle. I specialize in all pneumatic instruments and disc systems. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm in the Los Angeles area.


Lotof Shahtout
Michelle's Pianos
530 Fifth Avenue SW
Portland, OR
work phone: 503-295-1180
FAX: 503-295-3015
Email: lotof@michellespiano.com

Web: Michelle's Pianos

A family-owned piano company specialized in piano restoration, tuning, moving, rentals, and learning. Michelle's staff of piano technicians, refinishers, movers, musicians, and sales consultants are here for you.

We are an authorized dealer for the PianoDisc player system, which is one of the leading digital player systems, and the most advanced in sound reproduction. We have the player in our showroom on regular bases. We are open seven days a week, and invite you to visit us. We look forward to helping you.

(Editor's Comment: To our knowledge, this company does not offer any service, repair, or rebuilding services on pneumatic player pianos of any type, kind, or style. Signed: John A Tuttle)


Tom Zook
Mechanical Music
1007 Carriage Lane
Casper, WY
home phone: 307 234 2555
work phone: 307 235 0516
Email: tezook@yahoo.com

Web: Restoring Player Pianos

My work consists of repair and rebuilding of pneumatic player pianos, using high quality materials. The following article about my business, was published in the American Profile Magazine (11/08). I also provide a local piano moving service.


Wes Melander
Melander Piano Service
4110 Bonnell
Loveland, CO
home phone: 970-231-9825
work phone: 970-231-9825

Worked as a player technician in Minneapolis from 1970 - 1976. Back in the business I love after a 30 year engineering career. Certified PianoDisk technician. Piano Technicians Guild Associate Member.


Jay B Atwater
Heritage Restoration, Inc.
341 N Market St Suite B
Kaysville, UT
home/work phone: 801-546-4401
Email: Jaybatwater@juno.com

Web: Heritage Restoration, Inc.

At Heritage Restoration we restore the outside of pianos. Our standard finish is applied to upright pianos and grand pianos usually get a grain filled hand rubbed finish. We refinish organ cases and pump organs. We restore player stacks, billows, and pneumatics. We restore the inside of pump organs (billows, valves, reed cleaning and adjusting). I am not a piano technician so tuning, regulation, pin blocks, sound boards etc. are subcontracted out.

We service the Wasatch front (Davis County, Salt Lake County, Weber County, and Utah County.


Seth Dunkley
Dunkley Music Pianos
545 North Main Street
Logan, UT
home/work phone: 435-770-1876
Add'l Phone Number: 801-513-3121
Email: service@dunkleymusicpianos.com

Web: Dunkley Music Pianos

Complete piano and player piano rebuilding, refinishing and restoration services. Rental and sales of new and used upright and grand pianos available as well as full-service piano moving technicians. We service the Wasatch Front and Cache Valley.


Michael White
Michael White Piano Service
P.O. Box 413
Hailey, ID
home/work phone: 208 788-1526
Work/Cell Number: 208 309-1528
Email: sunvalleypiano@msn.com

I have been a Piano Technician for about 35 years and have enjoyed working on Player Pianos for about 30 of those years. There is nothing quite like seeing an old Player Piano restored to life again! Player Pianos are a living breathing part of the past that jump to life every time you pump the pedals! My main income is piano tuning and repair. Player pianos are my meticulous, nostalgic side trip adventure.


Randy Cox
6508 E Via Fresco
Anaheim Hills, CA
home/work phone: 714-404-2635
Email: randycox07@gmail.com

Web: PianoCorder.com

This gentleman has been in the player piano business for about 50 years. He was involved with Universal from the beginning and still supports the system. He also supports the PianoCorder system and is, to my knowledge, the only remaining source of PianoCorder tapes. As well as handling the solenoid-operated and modern electro-pneumatic player systems, I've also been told that he is a superior rebuilder of the reproducing player grand pianos. For more information about Randy and what he offers, visit his web site. (Written by John A Tuttle.)


Martin C. Sigley
Gold Coast Pianos
583 Cypress Ave
San Jacinto, CA
home/work phone: (951) 837-7050
Email: goldcoastpianos@yahoo.com

Web: Gold Coast Pianos

When it comes to restoring your prized antique or family heirloom you want the finest quality craftsmanship available. We at Gold Coast Pianos use many of the same materials that the original manufacturers used from the 1920's such as animal hide glue, tanned chrome leathers and high quality rubber coated fabrics. Couple that with our innovative restoration methods which are trade secrets, it would be difficult to find a better restoration out there.


Ray and Dan Ternstrom
1377 Milton Ave
Walnut Creek, CA
home/work phone: (925) 939-2475
Email: tuningfork@att.net

Tune, restore and rebuild pianos of all types. Replace sound boards and pinblocks. Also restore players and pump organs. Been in business for 27 years. Associate members of PTG.


Todd and Sharon Lyall
T & S Piano Tuning & Service
P.O. Box 116
South Pasadena, CA
home/work phone: (626) 799-3490
Email: Todd@PianoDiscTechnician.com

Website: www.pianodisctechnician.com

Todd and Sharon Lyall have been tuning, repairing and rebuilding pianos for over 35 years. Both apprenticed at Freehold Music Center in Freehold New Jersey, an authorized Yamaha Service Center, and specializing in the restoration of Vintage Pianos. Completed training at Yamahas' Little Red School training program in Buena Park and also trained at Universal Player Piano Factory in Culver City. Trained at PianoDisc in Sacramento California. Customer database is very extensive. They include Dreamworks Productions, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Disney. Also, T & S services all Glendale Libraries, Parks and Recreation and The Glendale Civic. Also, tuners and technicians for the Pasadena Playhouse and many schools request their service, including South Pasadena Unified, San Marino Schools, Cal Tech and many other neighboring area schools. T & S tunes for a large amount of piano teachers, as well as several members of The Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Todd & Sharon Lyall still tune all pianos by ear. Never use a machine. Service includes some minor voicing of hammers and pitch raising, if needed, included free with tunings.

Player Piano Tuning & Service, Piano tuning, voicing, regulating, action rebuilding and full restringing of pianos from 1970 to present.

Certified PianoDisc service and Installation experts.


Brian E Grado
Piano Artisans Inc.
633 West Katella Ave
Orange, CA
home/work phone: (949) 415-2380
Email: brian@pianoartisans.com

Website: www.pianoartisans.com

We have been restoring players and especially reproducers for years and as our primary business we are the only shop in the USA that sells fully restored high end players. We run by appointment only for the sake of our existing clients.


David Dewey
Oroville, CA
home/work phone: 530-589-3676
Email: djdewey@cncnet.com

RPT since 1977. Piano tuning, player piano servicing & repair. My love of player pianos brought me into the piano biz when I was just out of high school--NO, I'm not going to say how long ago that was, let's just say Simon & Garfunkle were very popular back then. I also do some work on pipe organs.


Ken Preece
Player Piano Tuning and Service
175 Avenida Segovia
Anaheim Hills, CA, 92808
home/work phone: 714-273-1859
Email: ken@icoustic.com

Web: ICoustic.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/playerpianotuning

Player Piano Building, Rebuilding And Service
30 Years experience
Band Organs
Pump Organs
Piano Disc


Steve Westfahl
Westfahl's Piano Co.
310 S. 3rd
Laramie, Wyoming, 82070
home/work phone: 714-273-1859
Email: westfahlspiano@gmail.com

Web: www.westfahlspiano.com

We have completely rebuilt perhaps 100 pneumatic player pianos, of all brands, including reproducers and orchestrions, over our 40 years of business. We are also authorized PianoDisc dealers and factory-trained PianoDisc installers.


Vincent Chambers
Apollo Piano
3150 Highway 32 Suite A
Chico, CA, 95973
home/work phone: 530-924-4469, mobile: 732-642-1100
Email: vincent@apollopiano.net

Web: www.apollopiano.net

I own a Yamaha/Hailun/Pearl River/Roland dealership in Chico CA, and am also a piano technician. We sell, install, and service Disklavier, PianoDisc, and QRS systems, and I'm deep into my first PianoForce repair.


Russell Berkley
1359 Loring St San Diego, California
home/work phone: 858 488 5810
Email: russell@berkleypiano.com

Web: http://www.berkleypiano.com

I have been doing Player systems since 1980. I went to school in 1979 for piano tuning with Francis Mahafey and Leroy Edwards as instructors. I am a registered piano technician with the Piano Technicians Guild. I am QRS certified, Piano Disc certified, and work on both wifi and bluetooth player piano systems. I am also a Steinway factory trained technician. We do complete restorations and are the exclusive Mason and Hamlin dealer for San Diego.


Joe Kemple
Pacific Pianoworks
5020 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Suite 88
Portland, OR
Home/Work phone: 503-572-9460
E-Mail to: joe@pacificpianoworks.com

Website: Pacific Pianoworks

3rd generation Master Piano Technician with over 30 years of experience offering piano tuning, repair, and rebuilding to the Greater Portland area.


Matt J Hirschfelder
Northwest Piano Service
4742 Liberty Rd S - #281
Salem, OR
Work phone: 503-371-8863
E-Mail to: info@northwestpianoservice.com
Website: Northwest Piano Service

Northwest Piano Service offers tuning, repair, and restoration Service for our great clients in Oregon. Matt works with insurance water fire and private clients to restore historic, player, and modern pianos. He is active with the piano technicians guild and helps piano enthusiasts across the country. Visit www.northwestpianoservice.com for more information.


Gregory Gast
Work phone: 8184705416
E-Mail to: sinkopated@yahoo.com



Ralph Nielsen
Historic Pianos
2340 S. Heritage Dr, Ste J
Nibley, Utah
Work phone: 8184705416
E-Mail to: historicpianos@gmail.com
Web: Historic Pianos

Complete piano restoration services, with a focus on instruments built before WWII, including players and reproducing pianos such as Ampico, Duo-Art and Welte.


Christopher A Drury
Drury Lane Restoration
P.O. Box 19114
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Work phone: (619) 991-9919
E-Mail to: Californiagrantorino@gmail.com

My mission is to make all pianos I come in contact with perform to their maximum potential. My meticulous tone building followed by Player piano systems' performances do just that. I endorse and repair both internal and external pneumatic or solenoid systems.


Conner Kunz
Kunz Piano & Organ
Inquire via email
Orem, Utah
Work phone: (435)-406-5494
E-Mail to: connerrhett@yahoo.com

Player Piano & Piano Rebuild/Repair
Reed Organ Rebuild/Repair
Pipe Organ Rebuild/Repair
Availability subject to workload.


The information presented in this page was provided by the individual technicians listed herein or their friends, and they are solely responsible for the accuracy of the listing. Any outdated links or changes should be brought to my attention via this E-MAIL LINK
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