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Used Parts for Player Pianos
(Page last updeated on June 16, 2016)

Notice: Due to an increasing number of calls and emails concerning 'missing parts', Player-Care has created this database of Available Used Parts. To list parts or bring an outdated link to my attention - click here. Since this is a free service, we will post items at our convenience. Typically, items will be posted within less than 24 hours during the week. If you'd like to post a picture, send it with a note to: johnatuttle@gmail.com

Player-Care is in no way liable for any of the listings on the Used Parts page. If you feel you've been purposely misled or cheated, I'd like to know. That way I can remove a listing or post a warning. However, I will NOT get in the middle of any deal you have made with another individual. BUYER OR SELLER BEWARE!!

To find a particular part, use your browser's Edit/Find feature or scroll through the page.

posted: 4/29/2016
name: Eric Bergstrom
email: bergytone@yahoo.com
address: 13317 152nd Av
city: Grand Haven
state: MI
zip: 49417
country: USA
phone: 6307721958
comments: Drum or Xylophone beater. PPCo #918. 5 x 2"body, 7" beater 1/2" supply tube. Valve is tight, pneumatic needs rebuilding. $25

posted: 5/3/2016
name: Eric Bergstrom
email: bergytone@yahoo.com
address: 13317 152nd Av
city: Grand Haven
state: MI
zip: 49417
country: USA
phone: 6307721958
comments: Standard Pneumatic Co Tracker system. Unrestored. Complete. I have three or more to pick from . $10 each, plus shipping. Email me for more photos and total cost.

posted: 6/16/2016
name: John A Tuttle
email: johnatuttle@gmail.com
address: 407 19th Ave
city: Brick
state: NJ
zip: 08724
country: USA
phone: 732-840-8787
comments: Solid Brass #20 Oval Head Wood Screws. 1-1/2" for $3.50 each. 2-1/2" for $5.00 each. Minimum shipping via USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box within the US, $7.15. These are the screws that hold the pin block to the plate in a 5' 2-1/2", 1917 Aeolian grand piano w/Duo-Art reproducing player mechanism. Many other parts from this piano are available. Contact seller for details.

name: Aryay Kalaki
email: aryaykalaki@suddenlink.net
subject: Ampico parts for sale
address: 579 Hidden Valley Road
city: Bayside
state: CA
zip: 95524
country: USA
phone: 7074421538

comments: I am selling the following parts from a 1922 Franklin Ampico: pump and electric motor, valve stack, pneumatic stack, roll drawer and all contents, various expression pneumatics and supply hose fittings, misc hangers and fasteners and 19 rolls.
Please let me know if you are interested.

name: Roger Bennett
email: rcbennett@cfl.rr.com
subject: Air Motor from Beckwith player
address: 1505 Holiday Blvd
city: Merritt Island
state: Florida
zip: 32952-5538
country: USA
phone: 3214537218

comments: This rebuilt motor is available for $50.00 plus shipping.


One of the better sources of used parts is the Mechanical Music Digest On a regular basis, members post items that they have for sale or that they are giving away. Such items are listed in the Archives as "FS". Also, check out the PianoWorld website.
To qualify as a "missing part", the part must have already been removed from the piano. We will not accept listings for things like 'mostly intact player piano, parts available' or 'free player: for parts'. This listing is for parts that are basically intact and in need of restoration. "New Parts" do not qualify as 'missing parts'. If you have a new part that you'd like to sell, contact John Tuttle.

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This page was last revised on April 26, 2016 by John A. Tuttle.

Although I prefer that you send E-Mail, if you have a non-order related question, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. If I'm in the Shop or at Home, I will answer the phone. Otherwise, please leave a message.

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