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Player Piano Questions

    We have been rebuilding players since 1967 and have never tired of restoring all types to their original performance, appearance, and condition, as well as taking in lots of repair work from all over the country. (Most of my restoration and repair work is sent to my shop from out of state.) I specialize in Reproducing Player Pianos.
    I realize that there are hobbyists who will do their own player with or without anyone's help. The chances are, most will not get the job done properly the first time without some guidance from somebody. This may prevent a costly mistake, because too often, those mistakes go into the trash and everyone has lost one more old player that will never be built again.
    So this service is offered gratis to those who would like to have questions answered in regard to the restoration and repair of automatic musical instruments. I'll try to answer your questions as a friendly gesture for those who love antique player pianos. If I am not available or able to take the time, you may have to contact someone else since this does not pay the bills.
    There are however many instances that require more knowledge than just the answer you may receive. We can't be responsible for knowing the intent or situation fully. So before you write, you should give me the name and approximate age of the player you are interested in repairing. I do not advise on players later than about 1960, since I don't restore them. John Tuttle who manages this site may be willing to answer those questions.
    If you would like to contact me about restoring any component of your player that you don't feel competent to rebuild, please feel free to do so as well. Turn around time on partial work is fairly quick for business like this. We are booked for several years on full restorations, but time on smaller jobs tends to be about a month or less.
    I would also suggest that you first check out the Technical Articles Listing here at Player-Care and the web site player archive available from the Archives at the Mechanical Music Digest. There are several years worth of articles at this site on practically every subject imaginable.

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