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Suppliers of Rebuilding Materials

The Lastest Update!!
Karl Ellison, who updated the Manufacturers Listing, is displaying
it at the Mechanical Music Digest. To access the list, Click Here!!.

Piano Supplies/Pneumatic Cloth

Piano Forte Supply
351 Machleary St.
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Zip: V9R 2G8
Tel. (250) 754-2440
Supplier of piano restoration supplies
web site: www.pianofortesupply.com
email: Jurgen Goering

Schaff Piano Supply Co.
451 Oakwood Road
Lake Zurich, Illinois
Zip: 60047
Tel. (847) 438-4556
Major Supply House for Pianos and Player Pianos. I use this company a lot. You must have an account to buy supplies.

We carry a full supply of piano parts for repair, tuning, etc. We also carry benches, piano covers, lamps, etc.

R.A.M. Ragtime Automated Music
4218 Jessup Rd
Ceres, CA 95307
(209) 668-9704
(209) 667-5525
Ragtime sells numerous components for the player piano, nickelodeon and other pneumatically operated devices. They have a catalog which you must order.

The Ragola and Antique Nickelodeon Co.
1111 Las vegas Blvd. N.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 382-0288
Fax (702) 382-6861
Orders 1-800-613-3964
Ragola has numerous parts for nickelodeons and pneumatically operated devices.

For Nickelodeon Parts and Supplies try:

Antique Nickelodeon Co.
1111 Las Vegas Blvd. North
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101

I'm a Chinese piano suppliers, we always offer "Sunbird"&"Moonriver" brand.
Would you please quote our the best CIF price Shanghai:
Tuning pins
Black sharps
Capstan screws
Best Regards
Kevin Chee at: espero@mail.nb.cei.gov.cn

John Farmer - Proprietor
Provides Mechanical Music Restoration Supplies and Services to the European community.

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Leather Goods....

The company's address is:
Herman Green Company
1609 Locust
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 221-5146
fax (816) 221-5488

owner: Greg McNeely

This guy is worried about his future, so don't wait too long. He may
liquidate. Too bad, because he is a real resource!
Posted 02/16/99
  Moscow Hide and Fur
  P.O. Box 8918
  Moscow, Idaho 83843
  tel.: 208-882-0601

The Leather Supply House
Mike Madeira
345 Hazel Avenue
Garwood, NJ 07027
FAX: 908-789-0647
These folks have been in the leather supply
business since the 60's. They have fine quality leather
at reasonable prices.

Also visit their web page at Player-Care - CLICK HERE

Someone inquired about getting good cloth and leather in Australia. Here is the name of a supplier that sells to Schaff etc. It is not listed in the catalogs, you have to specify the Australian cloth.

Australia Felix Organ Leathers (Rick Alabaster)
15 Olinda St.
Glen Waverley
Victoria 3150

International numbers:
phone 613 9560 8016
workshop 613 9763 3999
fax 613 9560 5926
(Australian callers should replace 613 with 03)

Bellows Cloth....

Australia Felix Trading Co.
15 Olinda Street,
Glen Waverley,
Melbourne 3150, Australia.
(03) 9560 8016 or 5926 fax.
Pneumatic cloth.

Hecksher & Co.
75 Bayham Street,
London NW1 0171 387 1735

H. J. Fletcher & Newman Ltd.
Unit 10A
Industrial Trading Estate
Powder Mill Lane
Dartford, Kent DA1 1QB
tel: Dartford (9322) 26441/2/3

H. J. Fletcher & Newman Ltd.
Unit 10A
Industrial Trading Estate
Powder Mill Lane
Dartford, Kent DA1 1QB
tel: Dartford (9322) 26441/2/3

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Other Specific Parts and Supplies

Subject: Fish Glue

An excellent source of fish glue is:

Columbia Organ Leathers
915 Lancaster Avenue
Columbia, PA 17512
tel: 1-800-423-7003
fax: 717-684-4428

Current catalog lists the following prices.

Pint $5.95
Quart $10.95
Gallon $33.95

Write or call them for their free leather catalog and sample book. Nice folks to do business with and their prices are competitive.

Subject: Source for Escutcheon Pins & Screws

Being a pipe organ builder, I carry a running stock of these items in box-quantities. For those of you who don't wish to get involved in inventorying these items yourself, I can re-sell you whatever you need.

We especially have a strong selection of Brass screws, as well as a sizable cache of older, blued steel screws (not those junky foreign- made things masquerading as screws!), which are quite useful for restoration work on reed organs and pianos!

You'll pay more, of course, than from a hardware; partly for the trouble in handling the small orders, but also because the quality is so much better.

Hoping I can be of help when needed. . .


Richard Schneider, President
Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc., Organbuilders
41-43 Johnston Street, Post Office Box 137, Kenney, IL 61749-0137
(217) 944-2454 VOX ;n (217) 944-2527 FAX
mailto:arpncorn@davesworld.net EMAIL (Note change in ISP's Domain-Name!)

Subject: Source for Replacement Pull-Switch

I was in a local electronics store yesterday and came across a couple of "pull" switches. I remembered someone saying earlier in this forum that he couldn't find a suitable replacement pull-switch anywhere.

Well, these well-made switches will do the job, although they are definitely not replicas of the old style pull-switches found in our instruments such as the Duo-Art. Check out the web site listed below or call the NKK Switch Company directly for the nearest distributor. Pull-Switches by NKK:

Part Number SB 862 (rated at 10 Amps at 125 VAC)
Part Number SB 282 (rated at 6 Amps at 125 VAC)

14415 N. Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Phone (602) 991-0942

The switches come with a black plastic mushroom shaped knob which could be removed and replaced with a metal replica of the original knob and bonded with Loctite.

A while ago someone wrote in asking for a source of soundboard decals. The most beautiful decals are available from

Piano Decals
P.O. box P 20520
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87154-0520

These are the varnish transfer type and are not only very metallic looking, but are much less expensive than some of the other suppliers. This is probably where American Piano and Player Piano Co. get theirs. Was originally the Pierce Piano Atlas Co. Listed as

Larry Ashley
Phone 505-296-5499
FAX 505-323-0252.

The fallboard decals are $16.50 (minimum) plus SASE, but don't know the price of the soundboard decals.

Fallboard and Soundboard Decals

Decals Unlimited
9333 96th Street North
Mahtomedi, MN 55155

I have been using this company's decals for more than a decade with excellent results. In my opinion, they have the largest stock of decals anywhere in the world. They are very reasonably priced and apply very easily. All their decals are burnish transfer type. They also offer custom decal making. It's pretty expensive but they do excellent work when given a good picture to work from.

Recommendation Written by: John A. Tuttle

Subject: Pianocorder Parts

Need Service or Parts for the Pianocorder System?

As for service, the Player Technicians Listing is the best I can offer. If a technician says he/she works on ALL types of players, it's a good bet they will work on a Pianocorder system. However, I don't know of any listed technicians (myself included) who actually repair the individual circuit boards.

As for parts, the gentleman who does the actual repairs and/or supplies replacement boards and/or components is:

Bob Baker
Electric Orchestras, Inc.
1370 Greenbriar Drive
Libertyville, Il.
(847) 367-7996

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Rubber or Neoprene Tubing and Gaskets

Rubber Tubing

Grundy's. 167 Burton Road, Withington, Manchester W Mannering & Co. 64 Redchurch Street, London E2 0171 729 4145

Gaskets (neoprene)

Ruple Rubber Plastics. Unit 2, Gardner Industrial Estate, Kent House Lane, Beckenham, Kent 0181 659 1331

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