How to Take Out the Auto Pneumatic Top-Action

    First take out the front top frame and remove the music shelf and fallboard in the usual manner. This will expose the entire top action. Remove screw. No. I, from the brace over the left-hand side of the spool box.
    Disconnect the motor tubing, No. 2, at point where it connects with the motor, by purling it off the nipple.
    Disconnect tubing, No. 3, at point where it connects with the automatic shifter (left-hand side) in the same manner.
    Remove the small leather nut, No. 4, on the re-roll wire at the right-hand side of the action, also the small nut. No. 5, which will disconnect the indicator wire.
    Remove large screw, No. 6, at right-hand side of the player action and the screw, No. 7, at the left-hand side of the player action, likewise the large, ovalhead screws; Nos. 8, 9, 10 and 11, in the pouchboard at the left-hand side.
    After these directions have been complied with, take hold of the action in the most convenient way, slide it toward you a few inches, and then tilt it slightly forward. It can then be lifted out very easily.
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