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New Applications
Where should newly accepted sites be placed in the ring?
Front When approving new applicants, insert them before the first site in the ring (so they show first on the Hub page).
Rear When approving new applicants, add them after the last site (so they show last on the Hub page).

How would you like to handle "approval" of new submissions to the ring?
Active When approving new applicants, make them active even if their navigation code Fails.
Conditional When approving new applicants, make them active if their navigation code Passes, otherwise make them suspended.

Expire (delete) pending submissions after:
 Never  7 Days  14 Days  30 Days  90 Days

Notify me whenever a site owner edits the following information:
Title - If the site's title is changed.
URL - If the site's URL is changed.
Description - If the site's description is changed.

Would you like the system to assist in managing sites based on whether or not navigation code can be found on the regsitered URL?
sites with broken navigation bar are automatically suspended and those with working navigation bar are automatically activated, unless restricted below.
Do not automatically activate suspended sites with working navigation code, they'll be reviewed manually.
Suspended sites are automatically deleted if they remain suspended for a period exceeding the same limit as new submissions, AND new submission auto-expire is selected (above, this page).
PASS_L should NOT be considered as acceptable for being made active by the auto-management system. PASS_L should be treated as FAIL.
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