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Plaola Player System
Pictures courtesy of Keith Collings

Here are my initial comments concerning the system:

The system looks similar in a few ways to the Odeola-Pleyel system. Specifically, the connectors they use for the control tubing, the air motor, and the tracking device. Also, the fact that the system uses pneumatic switching instead of mechanical switching for the Play/Reroll sequence. Another point is the size of the exhauster bellows and the reservoir bellows. They are quite large, and coupled with the fact that the vacuum supply flanges are quite large (their diameter), one can conclude that the system is what is referred to as a 'low-vacuum, high volume' system. What that means is that a lot of air flow is needed for the system to operate efficiently. It's also an indication that the manufacturer understood that the materials they used in the system were not 100% airtight. Put another way, they knew it leaked, and that was okay! (BTW, the Standard mechanism -which was by far the most popular system ever made- is also a low-vacuum, high volume system.)

I can also surmise that the valves and pouches in the stack are relatively large -like the secondary valves and pouches in the Standard.

All-and-all, it looks like a straightforward, and reliable system that should work nicely when restored.

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