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Left-Over Pieces Of Bellows Cloth
(as of 10/10/2015)

Listed below are the types, thicknesses, dimensions, and costs of some left-over pieces of bellows cloth. These pieces are sold at a discount "AS IS". They will not be cut into smaller pieces. When ordering any of these pieces, specify them in the Comments Box on the Order Form as they are listed here. To order -Click Here.

We have a variety of narrow strips of heavy bellows cloth (0.044") that are 6" x 60" and under that sell for $8.00/sq. ft. We also have a number of strips of reed organ cloth (0.021") that are 9" wide (or less) by 56" (or less) that sell for $5.50/sq. ft. If you need as strip of either of these two cloths, don't hesitate to write to me: click here. Specify what you need in the Comments Box.

Also, we always have half a dozen or more strips of reed organ bellows cloth of various lengths and widths. Please write to us (click here) and let us know what you need, and we'll see if we have something that's at least as big as what you require.

Type Thickness Dimensions Cost
Peripheral Devices Bellows Cloth 0.014" 16" x 52" $72.25
Motor Bellows Cloth (heavy) 0.018" 23" x 35" $69.88
Heavy/Medium Bellows Cloth 0.035" 18" x 57" $42.75
Heavy/Medium Bellows Cloth 0.035" 17" x 45" $31.85
Heavy/Medium Bellows Cloth 0.041" 19" x 38" $40.11
Extra Heavy Bellows Cloth 0.046" 20" x 31" $40.90
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