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Kevin McElhone Mechanical Music

(To view some recent catalogs 01-18-06 -click on links below)
Catalog 1
Catalog 2
Catalog 3
I thought you might be interested in details of my next book
which has just been published by Shire Publications here in England.

A picture of the front cover can be seen on my web site at

"MECHANICAL MUSIC".  Album No.333.

 2nd Edition with COLOUR pictures, ALL different from 1st Edition.

 [All 4,500 of first edition sold out, now updated & 16 pages longer].

 A good general introduction, lists all UK museums & societies at the 
back, sections on Musical Boxes, Player Pianos, Indoor Organs,
Outdoor Organs & other instruments.

 Now increased to 48 pages, 115 colour photos & charts, 4.99 + P&P -  
  Please give your address if you would like a quote including postage.

I have some other books, catalogs on CD, a video & recordings
 for sale below.  I can also supply MANY types of music for

Player piano - Duo-Art, 88/65 note
Player organ - 58/61/65
Organette - rolls, card discs, metal discs, books etc.
Musical Box discs 0 about 150 in stock.
Sincerely, Kevin

 New book, "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs", by Herbert
 Juttermann, now translated into a new edition in English.  300 pages,
 hardback, colour section, many diagrams and photos.  Chapter headings
 include :                [ONLY 6 copies left now].

   Terminology and How the Mechanical Organ Works.
   A Short History of the Mechanical Organ.
   Component parts and construction of Barrel Organs.
   Pneumatic Actions.
   Historic Organ Facades (colour section).
   The Firms and their products, 75 pages, alphabetical by company.
   The Preservation of ....
   Tuning Scales.
   Sources and Index.

 Limited edition, only 1,000 printed.  GBP 30.00 plus shipping.

 I have no problems taking USA dollars or EUROS as well.
Please ASK for currenct conversion rates.

 NEW BOOK - Limited edition - only 240 left now.
     "The Organette Book" by Kevin McElhone.
 Hardback + Dust Jacket - 112,000 words  - Gloss Art paper.
   770 pictures   440 pages, 16 in full colour.
 over 560 different models   over 190 types of music book, roll, disc etc.
 tuning scales,  restoration tips,  makers and agents,  patents.

 Price 55 + postage. (7 to UK addresses,     8 Europe
 [at 5.6.03]             9 USA by Surface mail,   15 USA by AIR mail).

  see MEGA Organette Recording below as well.

 I have 4 cassette recordings available of  Automatic Musical Instruments.

1. Instruments playing added BELLS.
        Polyphon 36cm / 14", double combs + 12 bells
        Cylinder Box, 6" cyl, 8 tunes, 3 bells - English Music Hall tunes.
        Cylinder Box, 12" cyl, 8 tunes, 5 bells + Drum.
        Polyphon 8" + 6 bells [from bass tracks 2 - 7].
        Polyphon 9 3/4" + 6 bells [accompaniment tracks].
        Kalliope 23cm + 6 bells - NEW c.1980.
        Clarabella table barrel-organ + 8 bells - 6 tunes.
        Kalliston Organette, 24 double reeds + 4 bells.
              90 minutes -  7.00

2.Model "Y" Orchestrelle, 8ft tall, reeds of 16  8  4 + 2 ft pitch.
     1st time played in 30 years during  & after restoration.
     90 minute tape - played & recorded by me  -  6.00

3.   Three Player Reed Organs - 90 minutes, 30 rolls played.  6.00

Aeolian Orchestrelle Model "V" No.1801, dated 1898, 58 note
Bellolian - only example in Europe, 58 note  #11, made 1905, Canada.
Phoneon - 65 / 58 note rolls player. (all 65 note rolls)

4.Organette "Mega" tape 38 instruments many rare ones, recordings sent to
me  by contacts all over the world & also many recorded by me here in UK.
                                         90 minutes long    6.00

I have have the following German catalogs available on CD at 12 each.
(Nancy Fratti charges $98 for the 1898 one in printed form!).

Most have several hundred pages / illustrations on them.

A.Ernst Holzweissig retailers catalog [partly in English].1893 - 94

B.Kalliope Disc Musical Boxes catalogs

C. on one disc, 4 Orchestrion catalogs
            - 2 Wolfgang Blessing + 2 Ambrosius Weisser

D.Zuleger & Mayenburg retailers catalog 1897 - 1898 = all sorts of

 A Singing Bird, NEW, clockwork, made in China - great fun - 12
             Birds usually 'Canary' yellow / red / blue.

 Sample copy of "The Music Box" which is the magazine of 'The Musical Box
 Society of Great Britain - 5 including postage to UK addresses.

Victorian Toys - NEW copies

Jacobs Ladder - multi-coloured, sold wood - 4 each
Push Base  Animals - push the base, animal dances/moves 1.50
Push Base People in costumes - larger size 2 [12 types available]
Musical Box Movements - 18 note, hand turned 4 each
            Unchained Melody [2002 Christmas pop No.1]
             Happy Birthday    /    Pop Goes the Weasel / Away in a Manger
            We Three Kings    /    Brahms Lullaby /     Twinkle Little Star
            Old MacDonald had a Farm /    Yesterday (Beatles)
            Love Me Tender (Elvis)            [other  tunes available]

Clockwork Plastic Dog / Penguin / Mouse/Frog/Aeroplane - 1 each

Large Metal Clockwork Frog 4  [collectors item].

VIDEO   "Sounds of the Past"

This is 60 minutes long, produced by the 'Victorian Music Room', a private
collection in Sussex, UK.
It is in European PAL format, but ALL video players sold here in UK, in the
past 5 years or so, take both European and USA format tapes
so I hope video machines sold in USA also take both kinds?

You can see and hear many items including a Musical Snuff Box, Cylinder
Musical Boxes, Disc Musical Boxes, Organettes, a Player Piano, Orchestrelle,
Chamber Barrel Organ from 18th Century, Barrel Piano, Barrel Dulcimer etc.
The commentary is informative but all tunes are played without any talking
to allow full enjoyment.

If you would like a copy of this video in is 10 + 2 P&P here in UK
If you live elsewhere please tell me which COUNTRY you are in so I can quote
correct currency & postage.

REPRINT CATALOGS  - photocopies of rare original catalogs.

NEARLY SOLD OUT - only 1 or 2 copies of each left -
                                 when gone that will be it!

 1.Aeolian instrument catalog 1897 + factory tour & how they were
     made, a copy of a very rare item!           last one  8

 5. Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ sales catalogue and details of installations
                a very rare original 7 - 2 left

 6.1925 Duo-art Piano technicians Instruction / Trouble shooting booklet. 6
                       1 left.

7.Music and the Player Piano. the Higel Player.    4

8.Aeolian-Hammond Roll Playing Organ - rare 1938 brochure
         (they only made 200 instruments)  LAST one    4

9.The Wurlitzer Organette - actually a Photoplayer,
      with pipes and twin rolls.
             catalog of  this 'new' instrument, 1927,  18 pages  5

11.Wilhelm Bruder Sohne -
             30 page catalog of street hand turned barrel organs
         of 20 notes to 36 notes. Large book & roll players 40 to 54 note.
                 professionally re-produced in Germany  6 each.

12.Adler Disc Musical Boxs - catalog -  6 - ONE left.

14.English Automatic Seraphone - roll catalog  4

15.  POLYPHON instrument catalog from 1909, including several models NOT
shown in Bowers or Ord-Hume books,
particularly those with added Bells & in Shattullen cases (Jewel cases) 5

 Please order promptly as there are only a few left of most items.

Original books

Foster & Andrews  - Their Barrel Chamber and Small Church Organs.
    published 1976, 140 pages, perfect bound. rare 30

AMICA technicalities, Volume VI.  1989 - 1993.
     Lots of tips & advice repairing all types of instruments.
    290 pages, comb bound original.  30

 If there is anything else you are looking for please let me know.

 I can usually supply  music for
 Amorette, Ariston, Cabinetto, Celestina,  Gem Roller Organ
 Mignon, McTammany, Mech Orguinette, Tournaphone,
 Intona, Ariosa, Phoenix, Seraphone
 Polyphon, Symphonion, Kalliope, Lochmann, Thorens/Reuge  and many
 others,  please ask for current lists.

 High Quality Plastic bags to take Musical Box or Organette discs
                 11" size  8 for 10
                 15 1/2"  10 for 10
                 19 5/8"  15 for 10.

    12" Vinyl L.P. Sleeves 10 for 10

 This is a big discount on prices from other disc sellers here in UK
 as I do not have to  charge VAT tax.
Discount for 50 bags plus.

I usually have 5 to 10 instruments For Sale at any time,
do ask for current list.

Player-Care Gladly Accepts These Cards
Discover, VISA, Master Card

John A Tuttle

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