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Need Some HELP ???

That's a Very Broad Question! Here at Player-Care, I've tried to supply a vast amount of Helpful Information. It's ALL readily available at the Click of your Mouse. If you see words Underlined...Clicking on them will take you there. At the top of the previous page, there are a number of different catagories listed. Determining which category you need is fairly easy. (Next-Click Here)

If you have any sort of a Question that is Non-Technical, you want Free Services. If the Question is Technical and deals with the Operation and/or Testing of various parts of a Player Piano, you want Technical Information. This arrangement is fairly consistent throughout the site. Occasionally, clicking on a Category item will take you directly to another page (All clicking will lead to pages at my site unless otherwise stated). Once you've found what you're looking for, you can use the BACK Icon..back to indexand Return to the Index Page (or the location indicated)......(NEXT--Click Here)

There are a few questions that require selective research and depending on the complexity of the question, I might refer you to a publication. But usually I'll answer you personally. So enjoy the site.... There's Lots here. HOWEVER, if you are looking for more Technical Information than is here, try the Archives at the MMD. I've written more than 700 articles for the digest since August of 1996. (CREDITS--Click Here)

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Now Playing: "Augmented" by John A. Tuttle, recorded 10/10/97. This tune has been in my brain forever but I couldn't play it on the piano (I'm just not that good). Finally, I took a day and input it into the computer using the mouse. Special thanks to George Bogatko, who taught me how to do that.

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