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Chassaigne, Freres Player Action

Outwardly, this player piano action stack appears to be quite simple and efficient. However, as Standard, Hobart M Cable, and Autopiano discovered, single button valves with external intake valve facings were problematic for two major reasons. One, the intake valve facings were easily contaminated by debris in the air. Two, the leather valve facing, being exposed to the outside air, had a tendency to dry out fairly rapidly, and therefore leak. For this reason, the above named companies eventually switched from a single-valve arrangement to a double-valve arrangement, using the button valves to trigger a horizontally inclined secondary valves of the more common variety, where the intake valve facing was not exposed to the outside air.

Since this author has never seen this type of action before, it can only be assumed that the Chassaigne, Freres company, in Spain, designed and built the system in their own factory.

Photos Courtesy of Hilary Berlot. (From "Jordi Bonet") These pianos from Chassaigne frères were not made in Madrid but in Barcelona... Maybe here you can find more info:
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