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We begin the contracting process by roughing in on a general rebuilding sheet, exactly what we think your piano will need. Each item is individually priced. Being an itemized list, you can add or delete anything at any time.

You receive the estimate list of things we think your player requires. You can pencil in or out anything else that's on the list. It's your list, after all. Then you sign and date it and send us back the original top copy with a small earnest deposit check. That places you on our list.

When we are getting close to your rebuild, we call you up and make arrangements to have your piano picked up and sent to us. It's no different than having it shipped across town, except our movers are probably more proficient and ultimately safer. Of course, shipping cross-country is more expensive, so we've kept our prices low and quality high, and (most important) make our warranty the best in the business so you won't feel so bad about that part! It's the confidence factor that gives you a lot of relief and puts your mind to rest that we do what we say we do, and we put it in writing. You will have the best instrument money can buy.

After we've received the piano, we will call you and tell you when we will start. We won't ask for 1/3rd down until we're ready to begin the rebuilding process. Half-way through we call again, tell you how things are progressing, and ask for the 2nd third of the estimated price. Finally, we ask for the final payment before the piano is delivered.

During the restoration process, we tell you what we have found out, and if there is something not on the rebuilding contract list of items that needs attention. At that time, I will tell you how badly the piano needs it, what your options are, and what it will cost. Likewise, if you want to omit something, you may do that, too.

Any time you want to call or have questions, please feel free to do so. We are here at your request, and piano restoration should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not something you must plan to do every 20 years, or so. So get all your ideas and misgivings out there so we can hear them. We'll talk straight to you, too. I think you will appreciate it.

If, within a year's time, you have any kind of trouble with your instrument that we cannot resolve, I will personally make a trip to your home to fix it, guaranteed! All I ask is that you will provide respectable lodging and feed me when I get there, for as long as it may take. The repair, trip expenses*, and time is all on me, after that. So if those conditions are satisfactory to you, then we will agree. (As you might guess though, it doesn't happen very often. That's because of the degree of testing and playing this instrument will go through before it leaves the shop.)
*Note: Within the Continental US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii

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