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Books on Mechanical Musical Instruments
Reference Books at Player-Care.com

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Rebuilding the Player Piano, by Larry Givens, Vestal Press, 1963. Very good for beginners as well as professionals.

Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments, by Q. David Bowers, Vestal Press, 1972, ISBN 0-911572-08-2. Excellent Reference/w hundreds of photographs. Price: $89.95

Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding Second Edition, Arthur A. Reblitz, Price: $29.95
Paperback, 2nd ed., 340pp. ISBN: 1879511037 Publisher: Madison Books, Incorporated Pub. Date: December 1994 Edition Desc: 2nd ed
Also very good for beginners as well as professionals
Available at: qrsmusic.com (1-800-247-6557) stock number BKS-7

Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding, by Art Reblitz. Price $38.50.
Paperback, 216pp., ISBN: 0911572406, Publisher: Vestal Press, Pub. Date: 1985
Another must for beginners and professionals

The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments, by Art Reblitz is available by mail order only from the publisher, Mechanical Music Press. This major work includes the history of automatic instruments, technical information, collecting stories, tracker scales and key frame layouts in 158,000 words and hundreds of beautiful color pictures. For more information, go to: www.mechanicalmusicpress.com. This major work includes:

-- 250 color photos of restored instruments, inside and out -- a substantial text packed full of historical and technical information -- descriptions of instruments from a musical point of view, explaining what makes each one unique and interesting -- an illustrated tour of famous public collections from 1927 to the present -- valuable tips for new collectors

Hardcover, 436pp., ISBN: 0-9705951-0-7 Publisher: Mechanical Music Press Pub. Date: Oct 2001

The American Reed Organ, by Robert F. Gellerman, Vestal Press.

Pierce Piano Atlas, by Bob Pierce, 1880 Termino, Long Beach, CA 90815
Price: $28.95, Available: Ships 1-2 weeks, Format: Paperback, 10th ed., 448pp., ISBN: 0911138021, Pub. Date: January 1997

Official Price Guide to Musical Collectibles, by House of Collectibles, New York, NY 10022

The Complete Piano Player: Omnibus Edition (5 Volumes in 1), by Kenneth Baker, Price: $17.56, Paperback, 240pp., ISBN: 0825624398, Publisher: Music Sales Corporation, Pub. Date: March 1991,

The Piano: The Complete Illustrated Guide to the World's Most Popular Musical Instrument, by Jeremy Siepmann, Price: $17.95, Format: Paperback, 192pp., ISBN: 0793599768, Publisher: Hal Leonard Pub., Pub. Date: November 1998
This 192-page book is oversize and in color. It features not only sections on piano technology, past and present, but a section on all the famous pianists of this century, many of whom recorded piano rolls. There is also a 4-page section on the player piano with photographs of roll making.

Player Piano, by Kurt Vonnegut, Price: $10.75, Format: Paperback, 340pp., ISBN: 0385333781, Publisher: Random House, Incorporated, Pub. Date: February 1999, A Reader's Catalog Selection The 40,000+ best books in print.

This list is simply a starting point; I need more input from the technicians. If you know of a good book on the subject, please bring it to my attention. Some of the books listed above are available through Player-Care. Click on this link to visit the Reprints and Technical Manuals web page.

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