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Modern Aeolian Drive Chuck Too Big

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Hi All,

Like Don Barton, I have also filed down numerous drive chucks on the modern Aeolian 
players. However, what I found is that old music rolls played fine on the machine. The 
ones that I had a problem with were the new QRS rolls. So, I measured the inside 
diameter of the hole on the slotted end and found it to be 0.435". Problem is, the drive 
chuck is 0.440". Checking a variety of other rolls, including old QRS rolls, I found them 
all to be a relatively consistent 0.441". Some were right at 0.440", which is Okay! 

Point is, it's much easier to file the chuck 0.005"-0.007" than it is to scrape away some 
of the plastic on the inside of the hole in the flange...

(I smell another new web page about modern Aeolian players..... )


John A Tuttle
Brick, NJ, USA

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John A Tuttle

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