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HI Geoff,

I ship the rolls via USPS Priority Mail International
with Insurance. It's the least expensive and the most
reliable. I have been shipping rolls to Australia via
this method since USPS started offering it, and every
order has arrived in less than 14 days.

The cut-off point for Australian Customs is $800.00
worth of merchandise. In this case, "Printed Paper
Music Rolls". As long as the declared value is under
$800.00 US, there are no customs fees. I have a
customer South Australia who has been ordering about
$2000 worth of rolls a month since January. Orders
are packed so the declared value is never over $700.00.
The shipping cost is usually around $190.00 total
(includes the shipping of the rolls from QRS to me,
and the cost to ship the rolls to you.)

With the 15% discount that I offer, you get $1000
worth of rolls for $850.00. So, even if the total
shipping cost is $250.00, your total cost per roll
will be about 10% over the QRS list price. Compare
that to what dealers are charging in Australia, and
you see why I'm selling so many rolls to Australians.

In all fairness, I must also state that shipping costs
per pound increase as the weight decreases. That's
because USPS, like all carriers, uses a sliding rate
scale up to the maximum of 70 pounds in a single box.
BUT, 70 pounds of rolls would far exceed the $800
cut-off point, and customs fees are expensive!!

Hope this helps.


John A Tuttle 
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