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Craig Brougher, Author of:
Orchestrion Builder's Manual and Pneumatics Handbook
The Correct Method of Rebuilding
The AMPICO Rotary Vacuum Pump

A Newly Released 2-DVD Set By Craig Brougher -Click Here

This 2-DVD set is complete with every aspect of the entire rebuilding
process and testing of the troublesome AMPICO Rotary Vacuum Pump
Price and Ordering Information

About the DVDs:

The set is thorough and complete, covering all three Ampico Pump systems (Ampico pumps, Stoddard and Model 'A', the Interim Transition Model 'A', and the Model 'B'.) No aspect of the Ampico pump restoration process is taken for granted or excluded. The pump you watch being rebuilt is then also tested, and you will see its output and hear its normal sound, with and without the hatch cover. There will never again be a reason to rebuild the Ampico pump and "hope" that it will turn out all right.

From this presentation onward, they will all turn out perfectly, because you will discover the secrets of rebuilding the pump that have never before been shown. Before now, the Ampico pump has been an enigma. The Ampico pump hereafter is a lead-pipe cinch!

In these DVDs:

This set and information is thorough and sensitive. You will watch a full two hours of conscientious rebuilding techniques. You'll probably have to watch them several times to get all the information given. It is highly applicable to all rotary pumps in many ways, and there are secrets and tricks in these DVD that have never been revealed to hobbyists or new rebuilders.

The 2-DVD set sells for $38.95 (plus $7.95 S/H -within the US -Non-US Click Here) Order the set Today!

To Order Your Copy via Credit Card Today
Go to the "Secure CDs and DVDs Order Form" - CLICK HERE
Reasonably Priced at $38.95 (plus $5.85 Shipping/ $2.10 Handling in US -Priority Flat Rate w/Delivery Confirmation [Canada-$16.95 + $2.75 Handling] [Overseas-$26.85 + $2.75 Handling])

Two Slim Jewel Cases and Information Sheet shipped in a Small Priority Flat Rate Box.

OR, Send Payment by Check, Money Order, or Bank Draft in US Dollars to:
John A Tuttle
407 19th Ave
Brick, New Jersey

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