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Steinway XR Queen Ann cabinet

I'm writing mainly to ask if you might know of a possible buyer for a piano I have.
It's a 1929 (late) Steinway X.R. Duo-Art, in a (sort of) Queen Anne  (or Aeolian's idea of Louis XV);
Walnut, single Cabriole leg.
The piano has been rebuilt, new pin block, hammers, shanks, flanges, dampers;  the plate is
nicely regilded, some small repair to original soundboard (invisible from above).  The Walnut case
is nicely refinished.
I restored the original ivories, they are way above average.  The player stuff is out of the piano, not
yet redone.  I've got way too much tied up in this piano to complete "on spec".  But I would be happy
to complete the rebuild, if I had a buyer who would put down earnest money. (Or, I can sell "as-is",
with the Duo-Art parts put back into the instrument, but not connected.)
Piano is located in our shop, "East Coast Piano Rebuilding"  (Brian Grindrod's place -- I do a lot of
work there with him) in Chester, New Hasmpshire (Chester is twenty minutes south of Manchester).

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